A Christmas to Remember

To say that 2020 has been a memorable year is an understatement. The pandemic has affected every corner of the world, and I think it’s safe to say that we are all going into this holiday season exhausted and fatigued. For me and my family, Christmas 2020 is a holiday of both great joy and great struggle. Great joy because this year has brought baby Sophie into our lives, and great struggle because, well, COVID.

Caring for a fragile newborn during the dark winter of a pandemic is extremely stressful. I spend so much time worried sick over Sophie’s health, and the fact that it’s cold and yucky outside means that Jordan doesn’t get nearly the amount of fun outdoor play that we wish we could give him.

In spite of these challenges, we’ve tried keeping up some fun Christmas traditions this year. First up, baking Christmas cookies! I found this recipe on Pinterest for Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer peanut butter cookies. I’d say our attempt turned out pretty cute, even if a couple of Rudolphs suffered some damage :-).

Rudolph Peanut Butter Cookies

We’ve also enjoyed some socially-distanced treats like peppermint mochas to go on our not-so-lazy weekend mornings. (Peep my peeling skin from washing my hands in scalding water 1,000x a day.)

Peppermint Mocha To-Go

Since we’re isolating at home, I had fun wrapping gifts for friends and family to mail out. How cute are these peppermint gift tags?!

And of course we trimmed our tree, deciding this year to put it up a week before Thanksgiving. I would have really loved to have gone to a proper Christmas tree farm and chopped down a live tree like we did when I was a kid, but with the pandemic and being 9 months pregnant, that just wasn’t in the cards this year. Maybe in 2021!

About to pop!

We also took (outdoors, socially-distanced) family Christmas photographs, which I think turned out fabulously. These were taken the day before I was induced — hard to believe looking at these photos that I was only 24 hours away from meeting Sophie!

Last photo as a family of three!
My handsome little man

Finally, this week we’ll be baking cookies for Santa, building a gingerbread house, and reading The Night Before Christmas. Until then, I’m enjoying snuggles with my early little Christmas present.

Best Christmas Gift EVER!

How does your holiday season look different (or the same) this year?

xoxo, Charlotte


  1. Congratulations on baby Sophie. Hope you all manage a lovely Christmas despite these strange times. It’s a quiet one for us, think yours will be busy with two little ones! X


  2. Sophie is so adorable – congratulations to you and your family! Our Christmas this year will just be me and my husband since he got tested positive for COVID and we are quarantined! Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family!


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