Bujo Bliss

As I’ve discussed in last week’s blog post as well as on recent Instagram posts, I have recently begun using bullet journaling cultivate organization and motivation in my life. For the uninitiated, bullet journaling — or bujo, for short — is a technique used to track one’s schedule, goals, to-do lists, life dreams, and more. Part calendar and part personal diary, bullet journaling fuses the practical with the sentimental.

bullet journaling during a sushi lunch break

Bujo enthusiasts, myself included, often draw out their pages in painstaking detail using fancy pens and markers, straightedges, and stencils. While it may seem bizarre to spend hours doodling things like alarm clocks and dumbbells — all in the name of time management, mind you — I personally find that the finished product motivates me even more. After all, if I’ve invested hours drawing out calendars and goals and accompanying doodles, then I darn well am going to do my best to stick to those goals!

In the image above, you can see my bullet journal page for tracking my daily screen time for the rest of 2020. My personal goal that I have set for myself is no more than one hour a day. That hour includes any and all social media, texting, and taking/editing photographs. It does NOT include necessary functions like telephone calls with my boss, emailing daycare, checking bank accounts, etc. I felt that one hour was a good goal to strive for because it is realistic but also challenging (confession: I have been known to spend well over an hour scrolling reddit in a single online sesh).

In the bullet journal page, I put an x in the box for the corresponding day if I missed my target and spent too much time looking at my phone. I color the box in with a marker if I met my goal! I decided to have the remaining six months of the year all on the same page, so that I can easily see high-level patterns.

Tell me, do you enjoy bullet journaling? Have you found it helpful in organizing your own life?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte

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