Weblog Wednesday: Some Big Life Updates

Dearest readers, 

As seems to happen often, I must apologize for my absence. In this case, however, it’s been due to some very positive reasons! When last we spoke (link to latest post), I was telling you all about all of the tremendously awful things that have gone on in my life in the past year: job loss, miscarriage, etc. 

Today, however, I come to you with wonderful news. Not only have I landed a dream job in my hometown of Birmingham, but we are pleased to be expecting a rainbow baby later this year! (Side note: Zack had never heard the term “rainbow baby,” which I found both endearing and peculiar, as I think of it as a very common phrase. But if you don’t know, it means a pregnancy after a miscarriage or stillbirth, just as a rainbow only comes after a storm. Hence why I posted on Instagram today a photo of a rainbow I saw recently!)

And it’s a girl!!!

Anyway, today’s post is rather short and to the point, because, well if I’m honest, it’s utterly exhausting to move long distance and start a new job — with a toddler and while pregnant, at that!

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts about how I am using bullet journaling to tackle my crippling social anxiety and depression (both of which are lead contributors in why a short blog break spirals into a long one for me). 

Until next time, 

xoxo Charlotte

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