Weblog Wednesday: Miles and Miles of Fun

Over a thousand miles traveled, and 13.1 miles run, and I’m back! I’ll apologize in advance that I’m very far behind in both reading others’ blogs and writing my own blog posts. Jordan unfortunately caught a cold on the flight home, and caring for a baby with an ear infection has taken up virtually all of my time since getting home.

In this week’s Weblog Wednesday, I’ll give a recap of our family vacation to Disney World, where I ran the 2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Finisher’s medal and a mimosa to toast!

We arrived in Orlando on Saturday the 23rd, and we immediately had to go to the race expo to pick up my race bib and hand over my waiver. It was a blistering 87 degrees (F), with not a cloud in the sky. To say that I was a tad nervous about the heat on race day is an understatement.

I awoke at 2 AM the next day to get ready for the big race, and it was already 75 degrees with 88% humidity. I immediately knew I was in for a hot and humid race.

I slowed my pace down significantly — by about two minutes per mile — but I am happy and proud to have finished feeling strong.

I was dead tired at this point, but so happy!

The rest of the week was spent traipsing around the theme parks, eating fantastic foods, and riding loads of roller coasters. Surprisingly (or perhaps not), Jordan was asleep virtually every time we got to a new theme park and took a family photo. (BTW, I’ve censored out my dad and stepmom’s faces since I haven’t yet asked if they’re OK being in my blog).

I had SO much fun riding so many thrill rides, like Space Mountain and Rockin’ Roller Coaster. I had honestly kind of forgotten how much I love that stomach-dropping, head-whirling, gonna-throw-up thrill of a good roller coaster.

My husband and I also had an opportunity to go out and have a double date with one of my friends and her husband, who happened to be in Orlando that week. My dad and his wife watched Jordan while we got dressed up and went out to a fantastic wine bar. It was really fun getting (sort of) dressed nicely and going out!

As I mentioned above, we also ate SO MUCH delicious food. Many people who have never been to Disney assume that the only food you can get there is poor quality stereotypical theme park foods like hot dogs and popcorn. I’ll set the record straight – Disney has some amazing food! Sure, you can get hot dogs, but even for a picky vegetarian like myself, there are so many fantastic foods. Like this ice cream sundae flavored cupcake!

Since we’ve been home, my postpartum anxiety has been really, REALLY high (for reasons I don’t necessarily feel comfortable going into on the blog). And it’s been tough with Jordan being so sick with his virus and subsequent ear infection. I took him to the doctor today, though, and he thankfully has some medication now, that I’m hoping will help him feel better.

For now, I’m already dreaming of my next race … once a runner, always a runner 😉

So tell me, what have you been up to this week?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Well done on completing your race strong and looking so cool!
    You looked really good for your double date too.
    I have never been one for thinking about a Disney holiday but it’s so sweet you guys love going so much. My store manager where I work goes every two years with his family. He has been twelve times and got married there too! X


  2. It sounds like you had a great time and congratulations on completing the half marathon, even if you had to reduce your speed to account for the weather conditions. They do say to work smarter, not harder. I’ve never been to Disney. Never seen the appeal personally as I haven’t particularly been a fan of Disney productions. I’m like a passive viewer at the most. I daresay Disney World itself is pretty amazing though. My week, as you know, has been spent with sinusitis for company. I’m still suffering the effects now. To top it off, I spent Saturday night in hospital with Caellum after he had a bad turn with his breathing. It was his fourth birthday on Tuesday and it was nice to spend it with him, although I did have a little weep to myself when I got home that night when it dawned on me that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.


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