Weblog Wednesday: The Week Before the Big Race

Since last we spoke, it’s been a pretty good week! Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and I don’t particularly care for the commercialized aspect of it. However, it holds a special place in my heart, because Valentine’s Day 2018 was the day we publicly announced that we were pregnant with Jordan.

This Valentine’s Day was very chill, just as I prefer. As part of my efforts to de-clutter and reduce my carbon footprint, I didn’t want my husband to spend any money on greeting cards or cheap trinkets. We went out as a family for dinner at a Mexican restaurant near our house. Jordan snoozed the whole time.

On Friday I had some Etsy orders to fulfill. I am really pleased that business is picking up. I even made my 100th sale this week! I think one of my favorite parts of fulfilling orders is gift wrapping them and writing personalized thank you notes. I may never make a ton of money through crafting, but I love putting special touches on my packages that hopefully brighten people’s days.

This weekend, my training schedule had me doing just a three mile run. I am now well into the tapering phase of half marathon training. My dad came to visit for the day. Jordan loved seeing his granddaddy!

The rest of the weekend was very chill. I did a lot of cleaning around the house, as well as a lot of reading on my new Kindle. It’s been raining cats and dogs since early Sunday morning, so there hasn’t been much of a chance to get out and do very much.

On Monday of this week, Jordan had a play date and I cleaned the house. On Tuesday, I fulfilled last minute Etsy orders before my vacation begins. At the moment, I’ve got my impending half marathon on the brain, as it is only four sleeps away!

We leave on Friday, and I am beyond excited!! I probably won’t publish a Weblog Wednesday next week, since I’ll be on vacation, but please do follow me on Twitter and Instagram to check out live highlights from my half marathon and vacation!

Tell me, how has your week been?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Well, well, well! Look at us doing the same thing for Valentines Day! I met up with a former colleague who is also terminally single for some margaritas and fine, fine Mexican food.
    Enjoy your vacation, and run your legs off in that half!

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    • Mexican food is the absolute best, isn’t it? It’s also the perfect cuisine for Valentine’s Day. You don’t need reservations, and it’s super casual. I do so love a skinny margarita, on the rocks, no salt, please and thank you! Oh and of course copious amounts of chips and salsa, because I have no self-restraint when they are brought out haha.

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  2. Congratulations on your 100th Etsy order! I’m glad to see your venture is bouncing along nicely. I wish you luck ahead of the half marathon and hope you have a lovely vacation 😊

    My week has been… reflective.

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