Weblog Wednesday: A 2-for-1 Post

Although I doubt anyone noticed last week’s lack of Weblog Wednesday, I apologize for dropping the ball! I got my days mixed up and thought that Wednesday was Tuesday, so it was too late once I realized my error.

So this week’s post will recap two weeks’ worth of life events. For starters, last week was scary, as my father-in-law had major surgery for some very serious health issues. I won’t go into detail, but he’s thankfully out of the hospital and doing as well as can be expected.

As you all know, I recently purchased a Kindle, and I’ve been devouring book after book. Since getting my Kindle after the last Weblog Wednesday I posted, I’ve read eight books! I have quite a list of reviews I need to write.

Two weekend’s ago, my dad and his wife came to visit us, and then the next day we took a family trip to Starbucks for breakfast. I’ve been reading these books from the Kindle out loud to Jordan, and I think he loves hearing them!

That evening was Super Bowl Sunday, or, as I was telling my blogger friend Paul, Superb Owl Sunday. What I really cared about watching was the Puppy Bowl, which for some reason made Piglet quite jealous.

This past week has been pretty hectic. In addition to my father-in-law’s health woes, it was Jordan’s six-month birthday! Of course this meant a photo shoot was in order. He was an absolute doll for the camera, and I got some great photos.

Him turning six months also meant a visit with the doctor for his next set of vaccines, which of course he was none too pleased with. On Friday I had a number of Etsy orders to fulfill, and it was a day destined by Murphy’s Law: Anything that could go wrong with those orders, did go wrong. Most of what went wrong was entirely my fault though, so I was frustrated with myself.

On Saturday I went on a 14 mile run. This was my last long run before the half marathon at the end of the month. I felt great throughout the run and maintained the average pace that I hope to do on race day. I was also pleased that I managed to successfully hold myself back in the beginning and get a good negative split.

In addition to getting started on packing for our upcoming Disney vacation, I’ve been starting character development for a new fiction story I am writing! I am very excited about this writing project and look forward to sharing more details with you all in the coming weeks.

Tell me, how was your week?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. I don’t want more kids, but I may change my mind if I become romantically involved with a redhead so I too can sire a ginger baby. Jordan is too effing cute! I’m glad things are going steadily for your FIL and you sound like you’re in good shape ahead of the half marathon. No doubt you’ll do excellently and I look forward to your report. I also can’t wait for the fiction series you have coming up! It’s been a while since I read an on-running fiction story on WP that wasn’t my own!

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