Weblog Wednesday: Tidying Up

Since last we spoke, it’s been a pretty awesome week! The two big highlights of my week were a fantastic 12.5 mile training run, and following the Marie Kondo method to tidying my home.

On Thursday of last week, I began work on decluttering the home with Marie Kondo’s method. I began with the bedroom, which I will admit was daunting.

According to Kondo, you must begin by taking out every single piece of clothing and putting them into a pile on your bed. Kondo says that seeing all of your clothes in a big pile is meant to shock you. Despite feeling as though I wear the same yoga pants and t-shirt every day, I was still shocked to see just how much clothing I own.

You then take each item individually, hold it close to you, and see if it sparks joy in you. This was an emotional and introspective process for me, because a lot of the clothes I have held on to have beautiful memories tied to them. Like the dress my mom bought me in Paris before she died, or the the running shorts I wore during my first half marathon. Mind you, these items are old — from 2010 and 2012, respectively! The clothes still fit, physically, but they don’t spark joy. I haven’t worn either in years, and with careful introspection, I realized that it wasn’t joy that was leading me to hang on to them. Rather, it was a bittersweet grasp on a past that’s long gone.

Kondo says to individually thank (out loud!) every single item that you are discarding. I was surprised to find that thanking these items for their roles in my life was easier and more joyful than I expected. What I keep reminding myself throughout this process is that I need to make room for new memories.

Later on Thursday, we took Jordan to Starbucks, where I continued reading Brandon Sanderson’s Bands of Mourning. I enjoyed a soy peppermint mocha in my reusable cup and munched on some peppers and homemade hummus, which I’ll be sharing the recipe for soon.

On Friday I took Jordan to run errands. I had to drop off an Etsy package at the post office, get some supplies at the craft store, and pick up more nursery water.

Saturday was a truly perfect day. Since it was four weeks out from my half marathon, my training schedule had me running 12.5 miles. It was a brisk 38 degrees outside, which felt absolutely perfect once I was running. I made decent time with my run and met my goal pace. Better yet, I felt physically great afterwards! That evening, we went out to eat at our new favorite Mexican restaurant.

I spent Sunday recovering from my run, shopping for groceries, and cleaning the house. As many of my fellow North American bloggers have experienced, we were promised a big snow storm this week – a storm that never came.

Aside from being disappointed at the lack of snow, I’ve continued applying the KonMari method to other areas of the home. On Tuesday, I tackled Jordan’s nursery. I was absolutely shocked by just how many clothes my baby has. Of course, many of them are older clothes that he has outgrown. But still, it was a shock to see how large his pile had gotten in his short six months in our lives.

I organized all of his drawers the KonMari way – folding each item into a neat little cube and storing everything standing up. I also separated his things into three separate categories, which I created labels for.

I am seriously loving the KonMari method. I can already feel that it is having a wonderful positive impact on my life. Once I finish the whole house, which will probably take a month or so, I will write a post detailing my feelings and experiences on the whole process.

So tell me, how was your week?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. I think I am going to do some of this ‘tidying up’ when we have finished decorating the bedroom. It will be good to have a clear out! Your rooms look very nice. X


  2. I have gotten back into yoga and running, and the difference it has made is AMAZING. I am sleeping better, I am moving better, I am improving my pace/endurance, and I am starting to enjoy it all again. It can make SUCH a difference!!


  3. Once again, you’ve inspired me and I’m thinking of ways I can de-clutter my life. I’ll likely hold off until the time comes that I procure a place of my own.

    I’m somewhat behind with this post and can’t quite remember what happ in my previous week. I need coffee I think 😂

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