Weblog Wednesday: A Humdrum Winter Week

Since last we spoke, it’s been a pretty uneventful week. Towards the end of last week, I was feeling exceptionally drained.

I awoke Thursday in an absolute fog and decided to treat myself to Starbucks. As my blogger friend Paul (over at the aptly named PaulEBailey.com) and I were discussing, Starbucks have nothing Caffé Nero. Regrettably, we don’t have those where I live, so Starbucks it is.

By that evening, I was still feeling knackered, so I decided indulge myself in a long hot bath with a book. I have very sensitive skin, otherwise I would have added a bath bomb to the mix. I’m currently reading The Bands of Mourning, by my all-time favorite author, Brandon Sanderson. You can expect a book review in the next couple of weeks!

By Friday I was feeling significantly more recharged, which was good news, since I had a long run coming up this weekend. I haven’t mentioned it yet since returning to the blog, but I am currently training for my next half marathon!

I’ll be running in the 2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon the last weekend in February. It’ll be my my ninth half marathon, but the first postpartum one obviously. I ran this race six years ago, so I am thrilled to run it again with a baby in tow! Well, not literally, but you know what I mean, haha! My dad and his wife are coming with us, and we’ve booked adjoining hotel rooms, so most likely they’ll look after Jordan the morning of the race.

Image copyright Disney, from the runDisney website

On Saturday morning, my Jeff Galloway training plan told me that I was to run 9.5 miles. It was a chilly morning, but I slogged through the run at a respectable pace. Within minutes of finishing my run, rain started falling until it turned into a downpour. Great, I thought to myself, since we were going to a party that evening.

If my life were a movie, then the torrential rain would have been a cliche cinematic foreboding of the evening to come. We showed up at this party, expecting it to be a small gathering — three couples, tops. Rather, what we walked into was more along the lines of a house party. Jordan, who is normally the most chill baby, started screaming his head off. (And before anyone judges us for bringing a baby to a party, we were specifically told he was welcome and that there would be other kids there).

I ended up just chilling with him in the hosts’ bedroom with the door shut. Every time he would calm down and I’d try to take him out so that I could get a bite to eat, he would start screaming again.

Trying to comfort my crying baby

Even though I hoped that people would be understanding, I felt so embarrassed. This was not Jordan’s first party to attend, and I’ve literally never seen him act like this before. I think he just got overwhelmed with the sheer number of people in a very small space, plus people were pretty loud. Not gonna lie, though, I honestly was feeling extremely overwhelmed by the number of people as well. So, with apologies issued to the hosts and food packed to go, we left within half an hour of arriving.

Sunday was rainy, dreary, and full of chores. I had to go grocery shopping and go to the pet store to pick up more of Piglet’s food. The weekend dreariness bled over into my busy Monday.

I had an Etsy order come in over the weekend, so Jordan and I bundled up and went to the post office. Then he had a play date with a friend that afternoon, and after that, I had a dentist appointment. Thankfully, my teeth look great and I had no cavities!

Tell me, dear readers, how has your week been?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. As you’re aware, I went down to Rushden to stay at my sister’s over the weekend for my nephew’s 5th birthday party, naturally with Caellum in tow. He had an absolute blast. He dotes on his cousin, Rupert, and follows him around like a lost puppy, something that admittedly gets on Rupert’s nerves from time to time. They are adorable together when they’re getting on though. Other than that, it was all about work. You’re aware of the other revelations that I shan’t wax lyrically about in public.

    Glad to see Jordan has the good sense not to like crowds. I hate those things too!

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    • That’s adorable about Caellum doting on Rupert! It’s really nice that he’s got a cousin so close in age to himself.

      I detest big crowds as well, particularly if they are rowdy and drinking, which was very much the case this past weekend. While I hated seeing him be upset, to be honest I was rather glad to have the excuse to leave!

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      • I can’t stand crowds full stop. I hate walking through Manchester City Centre in the evening after work just because there are people. I’m hoping my social anxiety fades in time, but I can’t see it.


  2. I’ve learned to be super wary of “you can bring your kid,” because often in my experience it’s kind of a begrudging offer and the situation will not really be kid-friendly enough to justify the decision. We now get a sitter for every event that isn’t explicitly about taking our son there.

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    • Yep I think we learned that lesson this weekend. The host later told me that the other people with a baby had to leave too for the same reason. I think the hosts truly did mean it when they said it was fine to bring kids, but I just don’t think they understood how a party that big and of that rowdy nature could easily overwhelm most kids.

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