Springing for Brunch

A few weekends  ago, Dear Husband and I decided to have a fancy Sunday. A typical Sunday for us is him sleeping in late (read: noon), while I wake up early (read: 6) and blog all morning over a boring healthful breakfast.

For a few months, though, we’ve been talking about driving down to Franklin, TN for brunch at my favorite place down there, a restaurant called 55 South. Since many if not all of my readers are not familiar with the middle Tennessee area, I’ll explain that Franklin is its own little city south of Nashville. From our house, it’s quite a drive, so spontaneous trips there are not really feasible.

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55 South is my absolute favorite restaurant in Franklin, and Dear Husband had never been there before. We arrived fairly soon after the doors opened, which was a smart move. As it was Palm Sunday and a gorgeous day to boot, the place would soon be quite busy with brunch-goers.

We started off the meal with coffee, a make-your-own Bloody Mary for Dear Husband, and a Mimosa for me. I’ve never even tasted a Bloody Mary, but it looks so gross! Dear Husband loved it though. He loaded it down with blue cheese, jalapeno peppers, green olives, shrimp, and bacon.

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franklin_brunch (13 of 18)

I was happy sticking with my Mimosa and black coffee, thank-you-very-much!

For food, I ordered the French bread French toast, and Dear Husband ordered the bacon cheddar quiche. My French toast was meant to be served with bacon, but thankfully they let me substitute fresh fruit. Dear Husband’s meal came with fresh fruit and spicy potatoes.

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We ate every.single.bite of this positively gorgeous meal. My French toast only came with a light glaze, rather than maple syrup. But surprisingly, it didn’t really need anything more!

Dear Husband raved about his DIY Bloody Mary. He says that he would enjoy them more if more restaurants had fancy make-your-own bars like 55 South does.

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After brunch, we left the restaurant and went on a leisurely stroll around historic downtown Franklin. It’s a quintessential American main street — think Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls: two-story brick buildings housing quaint storefronts like bakeries and boutiques, gardening shops and ice cream parlors.

It was also quite the blustery day, but I wanted to get a shot of my favorite Lilly shift dress, which it was finally hot enough outside to wear. (Did I mention I chopped off my hair, too??)

franklin_brunch (18 of 18)


All in all, it was a perfect spring outing: gorgeous weather, delectable food, luscious libations, and a leisurely stroll around a historic all-American town.

Tell me, what are your favorite things to do on a spring outing?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Thanks for sharing your sunny adventure. It warms me up as I sit in a New England Coffee shop on a rainy, windy 45 degree day. Brunch looked amazing! As always nice to see what you are up to…

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  2. Franklin sounds amazing, and established in 1799?! The history over in your neck of the woods is so much more interesting than the history on the west coast (IMO). i LOVE going to brunch. I usually go with a friend, because, like your hubby, my boyfriend is a late weekend sleeper. Your food and photography was just stunning! Also, that dress is AMAZEBALLS! Your hair, too!!! So much fabulous going on in this post!!


  3. Permit me to say you two are so cute! Also you’re a woman after my own heart. I could not stomach a Bloody Mary either, but mimosas and black coffee sound like heaven. There’s just something odd about a drink like that, though I’ve had V8s before and they’re quite good. My dear husband likes Bloody Mary’s too. I’ve tasted his, and they’re just not my cup of tea (which I much more prefer).

    All of that food looks amazing. The photography is absolutely exquisite and your dress is what springtime is made of 🙂


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