An Old School Easter

Church, family, and food: These were the foundations of our Easter Sunday, and I dare say it was a winning combination!

Dear Husband and I met my mother-in-law at church that morning, to join her for the Easter service. Everyone is always so warm and welcoming when we visit the church, and this Easter did not disappoint. Given that I am accustomed to a different hymnal, I am always particularly keen to hear different hymns than the ones I am used to.

As we exited the church, the warm sun gave way to ominous grey clouds, so we headed home for a quick change of clothes before our brunch reservations. Well, I should say that Dear Husband changed clothes! He hates being in a tie longer than he has to. I preferred to stay in my Lilly shift, although I did swap out my heels for my favorite Jack Rogers.

My mother-in-law managed to book reservations for one of my favorite Nashville restaurants: The Old School Farm & Bar.

Easter_brunch (12 of 13)

If you are wondering what makes this place ‘old school,’ well, it is a literal name! This place is literally an old schoolhouse that has been converted into a restaurant/bar/venue with its own farm. It is a local, farm-to-table place that serves up scrumptious bites featuring organic ingredients locally sourced from the middle Tennessee area.

Easter_brunch (4 of 13)

Easter_brunch (7 of 13)

Given that our brunch reservations were for quite late — 2 o’clock! — the first thing I did was order a strong black coffee. After getting my caffeine fix, we ordered appetizers for the table and brunch cocktails.

Dear Husband and my brother-in-law both tried the Bloody Maria (a Bloody Mary with tequila instead of vodka), while I, in a totally predictable move, ordered a mimosa. We decided to start with a pastry assortment and ricotta cheese for appetizers for the four of us to share.

Our server came back in a moment to inform us that, unfortunately, they had just sold the last ricotta. So instead, they gave us some goat cheese on toasted brioche instead, compliments of the house!

Easter_brunch (6 of 13)

The pastry assortment was admittedly bizarre, but very, very tasty. Included were hot cross buns, lemon tart, house-made pistachio marshmallows, and a peanut butter chocolate chip blondie.

To be honest, while it all tasted amazing, I would hardly call anything other than the hot cross bun a brunch pastry. I understand that oftentimes breakfast pastries are quite sweet, such as the glaze on the buns, but I dare say that marshmallows and blondies are unequivocally desserts, not appetizers.

Easter_brunch (5 of 13)

Easter_brunch (8 of 13)

For our main courses, Dear Husband and my brother-in-law both ordered the country fried steak, served atop Gouda grits and drizzled with Hollandaise sauce. My mother-in-law ordered the omelette with seasonal ingredients (hers came with mushrooms and greens). And I ordered ‘the farmhouse:’ eggs, salad, Gouda grits, and a biscuit!

I must say, I thought it was an interesting aesthetic touch that my food (yet no one else’s?) was served on a thick cut wooden block.

Easter_brunch (13 of 13)

All told, our meal was perfect in nearly every way. I absolutely love farm fresh eggs, as I find that I can taste quite a difference from store-bought eggs. The Gouda grits were to my preferred thickness, the biscuit was buttery and flaky, and the greens were crisp and lightly dressed.

My only minor critiques were that the coffee had grounds in it, and the mimosa had too much Champagne and too little orange juice. Everyone else enjoyed their meals as well, and we left with ample leftovers to nosh on later Easter night.

Tell me, how was your Easter? How did you spend this lovely spring holiday?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Went to church with the family, after the kids got their baskets and hunted their eggs) then came home and made a ham lunch – deviled eggs, steamed carrots, mashed sweet potato, boiled baby potatos… pasta salad… choc cake… waaaayyy too much food lol. Then after food coma naps I did some crafts with the kids… mostly a lazy Sunday 🙂

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  2. Holidays are always a big travel time for my wife and I – between her family and two sides of mine, we’re generally on the road for most of the holiday trying to fit everyone in. The nice thing, though, is that we were fed two very large and very delicious homecooked Easter meals! And my kid loved his first Easter Egg hunt so much that we made a game of it around the house. Pretty good weekend altogether. Sounds like yours was quite delightful as well!

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  3. This looks absolutely DELICIOUS- how you stopped to take photos before digging in, I don’t know! Everything is gorgeous (the food and your photography!!) 🙂 I think that the best part of holidays is definitely being able to spend it with friends and family. Everything is so busy nowadays, little breaks like these are perfect for catching up and spending time together!

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  4. wow your Easter sounds great and the photos are beautiful. The food looks delicious. My Easter was different this year, spent most of it helping my brother move houses then we had a memorial service for my aunt on Sunday.

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