A Short Break

This morning when I woke up, my eyes felt tired despite a full night of sleep. My bones and my soul felt heavy with exhaustion. I knew I needed a break.

So, I’m taking a week off from blogging.

For a long time, I had all of my blog posts written weeks in advance, which freed up real-time to read and comment on the blogs I follow, as well as reply to comments on my own blog. My schedule with the new job and commute has really foiled this, which means that for the past few months I’ve essentially been blogging on-the-fly with most posts.

Lately, though, I have barely kept my head above water between work, my super long commute, ramping up training for my next race, blogging, cooking, and cleaning. And that’s not even counting spending time with family, reading books, doing creative writing, playing video games, or this little thing called sleeping!

I need a week to get my feet under me, recharge my battery, and set myself up for success by getting a lot of writing done so that I can be back to having things scheduled out weeks in advance.

So, starting today, I am taking a week off from blogging. My first post back will be published on the 3rd of April. Until then, I’ll be checking in with WordPress periodically to read your blogs and reply to any stray comments that may come in.

I’ve got to say, in addition to getting my head above water with scheduling, my writing soul really needs the battery recharge. I am feeling oh so weary right now. If it weren’t for an impending race on April 29th, I’d also take a week off of running, because I feel so run down, no pun intended.

Come April 3rd, I’ll be refreshed and recharged. Until then, I need a week to take care of myself and catch up.

Thank you all for understanding.

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Funny you should post this as I was thinking of doing the same after my 100th post. I won’t say there’s too much going on physically, but mentally I’m overloaded and need to dump some cache. A period of not posting so I can catch up with some stuff I’ve missed sounds like a good idea. Then there’s my WIP and I’ve been brushing up on my grammar of late by virtue of some homework. Blogging might need to take the backseat awhile.

    I hope the break works for you.

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    • My current WIP has taken a serious backseat for far, far too long now, so that is also part of my motivation. But even if that weren’t a consideration, I just need the breather. Good luck with your upcoming break as well!

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      • I trust your break is going well thus far. I will likely wait until after my birthday, which incidentally will be my 100th post (that is to say 100th composition of my own and not inclusive of reblogs).

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      • The break was fabulous — very much needed. However, I have realized in hindsight that it was unwise to set myself the goal of using the week to catch up on reading/commenting on other blogs. My reading list is now even longer!! I’m aware that I’ve got extra chapters of Find me a Find waiting for me, which I greatly look forward to! πŸ™‚

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      • Another one of those bad boys to come today as well. I have a feeling when I initiate my break that I’ll end up mirroring your actions and not catch up with anything at all! There’s simply too much else needs doing. I’m refreshing myself where grammar is concerned and I’m way behind on that. There’s other writing related stuff I need to finish (and start). I definitely plan to put a day or two aside for the reading of blogs though.

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  2. Gotta embrace that mental health! Get some rest, renew your focus; I look forward to seeing what you come up with when you come back!

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  3. Totally gonna miss your posts, but the inner nurse in me is thankful that you’re listening to your body and taking care of yourself. πŸ™‚

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  4. […] realize this isn’t a typical blog post, but I wanted my first post back from my short break to be a massive thank you to those in the blogging community whom I’ve come to call friends. […]


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