Let’s Time Travel, Shall We?

The venerable Fatty McCupcakes has nominated me for a challenge to revisit my first ever post, which sounds like fun, except that I’m sure my first ever post was a pile of cringe-worthy garbage. Which means you lot get to have a laugh at my expense as we time travel back to autumn of 2015 to see how awful my first blogging was.

According to Miss McCupcakes, the challenge rules are that there can be absolutely no cheating. You have to re-post your very first post. Not your second, not your favorite, not the one you wish were first … the actual first.

You’re also supposed to thank the person who tagged you if you feel like it, or, in Miss McCupcake’s words, “curse them with a plague of ladybugs,” if this nomination so angers you.

I designate the following victims honorees to share in the fun of reliving our first posts: 

An Historian About Town

Adventure Rules

Teressina at Dream Bigger

The Phil Factor

the slingsta

Now, I do hope that none of the above bloggers curses my house with a plague of ladybugs. Kindly thank me instead, if you please. 🙂

Without further ado, here is my very first post (text copied below, as well), from back when my blog was still branded as GirlyGeekGirl and I was still on Blogspot.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Inaugural post

Good morning, bloglettes! I’m up early getting important stuff done procrastinating. How about you guys?

*sips much needed coffee*

So, I had had the best of intentions to start blogging immediately upon creating my Blogger page back in September …. But, life happens! There are still loads of geeky and girly posts I’ll need to catch up on once I’ve got time, but I wanted to go ahead and make my inaugural post.

It’s Friday, but I’m taking a vacation day from work to go run the Savannah Rock-n-Roll Marathon tomorrow! 26.2 miles of sheer joy! Or achy legs. Same diff.

I’ll make a post about the marathon after I’m back home, but for now I’m super duper excited and running on adrenaline and a heavy dose of caffeine!! I’ve done six half marathons and countless 5Ks, but this is going to be my first full marathon.

Wish me luck!!

Well, there you have it. I suppose my early writing wasn’t quite as atrocious as I might have feared.
Until next time,
xoxo Charlotte


  1. My first post, eh? Hmm…that’s gonna be an interesting one. I will prepare that for this Sunday. Thanks for thinking of me!…I think. We’ll see when I revisit my first post, haha.

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  2. […] The very wonderful Charlotte has nominated me to travel back in time and bring back my very post on the blog! At first I had a slight panic attack- I don’t think that any of us really love going back to the beginnings of our blogs, when we knew nothing and tried out everything and blogged a million times a day. (I’m guilty of that in the first few months, without a doubt- why did I think that people would come to a blog three different times in the same day?!?) So, without any further waiting, here are my beginnings…. […]


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