Weblog Wednesday: Spontaneity, Unplugged

Let me begin by saying that I have thankfully had a significantly less stressful week than I did last week. I really, truly, genuinely appreciate all of the kind words of support you guys gave me when I told you all how stressed I was. Having a loving husband and father, a mom looking down on me from heaven, and amazing in-laws really makes life’s hard moments so much smoother. And I cannot express enough my appreciation for my blog family as well!

The sub-title for today’s Weblog Wednesday came to me pretty quickly: spontaneity, unplugged. Why spontaneity, and why unplugged? Well, as any of you who have been following for a while know, I am REALLY bad about being super (clinically) OCD and rigid with my schedule. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t handle spontaneity well. I actually had a coworker the other day mention that she noticed I literally eat the same thing every day at work. It’s true. I’m an OCD control freak.

I also love having my phone or DSLR around at pretty much all times, so that I can document my life, not just for this blog, but simply for posterity’s sake.

So, there were a number of instances in the intervening week since last Weblog Wednesday that life was either spontaneous, unplugged, or both.

On Wednesday night, Dear Husband cooked a filet in the new sous vide he got me for Christmas. Seeing as I am still practically a full-on vegetarian, I obviously did not try said steak. But he raved about it! I cooked the sides of homemade mashed cauliflower (a low-carb sub for mashed potatoes) and garlic bread. And you know what? I didn’t document a single bite. Not intentionally … I just got so wrapped up in enjoying a good meal with my husband that I didn’t get my camera out.

Later in the week, on Friday morning, I arrived at work with my typical breakfast in hand, ready to start a routine day. As soon as I sat down in my chair, a coworker walked around the office and asked me if I wanted to join him on a walk over to a local juice bar. I’ll admit: I hemmed and hawed for a moment as I debated whether I should take this opportunity to socialize and be spontaneous. I’m proud that I actually said yes!

So, he and I and another coworker embarked on a brisk, cold walk over to Juice Bar, a bar that serves … juice. (Are you shocked?). This place was so adorable and quaint! They had ready-made juices in a fridge, as well as a full menu of made-to-order juices and smoothies. I chatted with my coworkers, getting to know them better, and ordered something called Bunny Love (pureed carrot, apple, ginger, and lemon).

The rest of the workday passed as routinely as it usually does, but I felt really proud of myself for embracing a spontaneous moment. I realize that, perhaps, I sound like a complete anal retentive weirdo for being SO happy to have done something as boringly spontaneous as going to a juice bar with some coworkers, but for me, that’s a huge step.

The next spontaneous moment came early that afternoon, when I received a phone call from my father. You see, he had already notified us that he was planning on coming to Nashville for the weekend in order to attend the SEC NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament on Saturday (and take Dear Husband with him). However, he called to say that the hotel where he was meant to stay booked up before he could reserve it, so I of course invited him to stay in our guest room.

This element of spontaneity made me quite happy, as I really loved having my dad arrive at our home only moments after I got home from work. Instead of just me and the Mister eating leftovers by ourselves that night, we had an impromptu dinner out with my dad, which was really, really nice.

Then on Saturday morning, a decent snowstorm hit town, and my dad and husband’s plans were slightly derailed. More spontaneity! My dad ended up leaving town early to beat what seemed to be an impending blizzard. Meanwhile, Dear Husband had the two tournament tickets to use, and I wasn’t interested in going to the games (I’d rather be blogging and running!). So at the last minute, he invited the husband of my younger sister-in-law, who is a huge fan of University of Kentucky, one of the teams that was playing.

The guys apparently had a fantastic time at the game, so even though it was unfortunate that my dad’s plans were spontaneously canceled, I’m glad at least that my husband and brother-in-law got to go and have fun!

That evening, we went over to my father-in-law’s house for a delicious dinner and some board games. I got to see our precious younger nephew (we’ve got two adorable baby nephews!), and we gathered around the dinner table to play a few games of Clue.

Side note: I always thought I was good at Clue, but I lost pretty badly in all of our games!

On Sunday evening, Dear Husband and I played a few games of Boss Monster, a table-top card game whose review you can read here.

I decided to cook breakfast for dinner: spicy hash browns, cheesy scrambled eggs, and homemade Mickey Mouse waffles. You guys, what is it about breakfast for dinner that it so appealing?! I just love it.

So far, this week at work has been really wonderful. I’ve had some fun and challenging work to do, but wihtout an inordinate amount of stress. And, at time of writing, IT’S PI DAY!!!!! Seriously. This is my favorite nerdy holiday.

All in all, I’ve got to say that I think the unplugged spontaneity of my past week has been really good for me, even if it has felt tough at times.

Tell me, how has your week been?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


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