Five More Pretty Things

Back in December, I did a post called 5 Pretty Things to Make Today Better. As I was scrolling through recent photos on my phone looking for things that could be deleted to free up space, I saw a couple of recent images near each other that looked fab together.

So, I thought I’d write a similarly lighthearted post showcasing five little pretty things to make today better!

1. This organic carrot-ginger-lemon-apple juice from literally the most hipster place ever.

The ginger flavor overpowered the other three flavors, but it was a refreshing blend of earthy root flavor and refreshing apple/lemon fruity flavor. I also paid $7 for it, which nearly killed me. Lesson learned, kids: look at prices before you order!

If you ever find yourself in Nashville and in need of an over-priced, hipster, vegan, organic juice cleanse, do be sure to check out Juice Bar.

2. Cupcakes + Champagne, just because.

We don’t indulge in sweets and alcohol terribly often in our home, but sometimes you just want to celebrate life, you know? So the other night, we popped open some bubbly and noshed on this baked beaut.

3. Fresh lipstick.

You guys know that I am not the biggest makeup person in the world – not by a long shot. So it’s a special occasion when I actually go to a place like Sephora (or, in this case, the MAC Cosmetics store) and make a purchase.

I’ll be posting a review of my haul soon, but for now enjoy this photo of a fresh stick of unsullied lipstick! Is any piece of makeup more beautiful than a brand new tube of lipstick? I think not.

4. A cronut and French pressed coffee.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical a few years ago when I first began hearing about the cronut craze. (If you’re late to the party, a cronut is a donut made with layers of croissant dough). I mean, I LOVE croissants, but I’m honestly just not a huge donut fan.

So I worried the creation would be a gimmicky bastardization of my second-favorite French pastry (first favorite being macarons!). In fact it wasn’t  until the other week that I even tried one.

I can’t attest to the cronuts put out by Dunkin Donuts or the like (although my blogging friend The Shameful Sheep has told me that her experience with the Kroger bakery’s cronuts was just meh). However, here in Nashville, Five Daughters’ Bakery has sent Heaven on earth to us in their baked goods. This photo just doesn’t do the majestic cronut justice.

The words ‘utter bliss’ come to mind, especially when paired with a French pressed single-origin dark roast.

Side note: And my husband calls me a hipster food snob. Yeah right!

5. A fresh stack of books to be read.

Last week I shared my spring TBR list with you guys. If you’re into fantasy novels, or you just want to learn more about me by seeing the kinds of books I read, check out the post here!

At the time of writing this, I am wrapping up the middle book shown below and will be publishing its review soon. Stay tuned!

Tell me, what are some pretty little things that have made your late winter better? If WordPress comments allowed for images to be uploaded, I’d invite you to share some! But since it doesn’t, paint me a mental picture of some pretty little things you’re loving.

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


    • Thanks so much, Heather! I love the items you described. I’ve never had a Ghirardelli brownie, but if it’s anything like their little chocolate squares, I’ll bet it’s amazing! And that’s very cool that your flowers are beginning to grow. It’s hard to believe spring is virtually here!

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  1. Cronuts. They don’t appear to have made it over the pond yet unless they’re confined to metropolitan London (which wouldn’t surprise me). All I know is that I MUST try them. I love sweet pastries and cronuts sound like they could potentially be nirvana. I must be facetious though and point out that your bubbly was prosecco 😉 Nothing wrong with that though. It’s Italy’s answer to champagne. It’s also very nice and a helluva lot cheaper. That said, I do love me a nice pricey bottle of champagne. A £90 10 year old vintage Bollinger is the best I ever had.


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