Weblog Wednesday: And the winner is…

Poker games, trivia games, shower games, the Oscars … this past week has been chock full of events that have winners. So, I thought it only fitting to choose the title for this week’s Weblog Wednesday post to be related to games and awards.

Last Wednesday night, Dear Husband hosted his second weekly poker night at our house. Having no interest in poker, I spent the evening in my Lady Lair blogging, while he and the guys played poker in his Man Cave. I don’t recall who won their tournament that evening, but I don’t think it was my husband.

On Thursday night we went to our usual weekly trivia night at our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

We always use the team name the Garys, as an homage to my favorite Robot Chicken character. 

(Side note: Yes, I realize in the photo above that the apostrophe should not be in “the Gary’s.” That is one of those grammar rules that honestly can make it harder to read in a colloquial setting such as a trivia night. “Garys” looks like it ought to be pronounced gah-riss.)

I am pleased to announce that we took second place in the trivia!

Friday and Saturday I honestly was not feeling well. It was so strange: beginning midday on Friday I got a pretty bad lightheaded feeling and felt as though I might faint at any moment. Thankfully I felt well enough to attend my friend’s baby shower on Saturday. The yummy cake they served helped me feel better, I think. 😊

At the baby shower, the hostess had us playing games. I won a round of the diaper raffle and snagged a cool prize.

And Sunday of course was the Academy Awards. Now, it may surprise those of you who know me to hear that I care at all about watching the Oscars, since I don’t watch movies (for the most part). However, I just love seeing the red carpet fashions and watching these celebrities whom I know nothing about patting themselves on the back.

Watching the red carpet arrivals, I was pleased to see Other Husband arrive. (I love Keith Urban!)

I went to bed well before the fiasco at the end with announcing the winner for Best Picture. 

So far this week there have been no more games or awards of which to speak. Monday was cold and rainy and full of meetings, but a coworker graciously brought in donuts for the office.

When I got home from work, I cooked a recipe for dinner that I’ll be featuring on the blog later this week: blue ranch meatloaf. Also, my thredUP package arrived – hooray!

I definitely can’t wait to post about the unboxing and how everything worked out.

And now it’s a slightly less cold, slightly less rainy Tuesday. I can’t lie — the long commute of this new job is proving really stressful for me. I’m gone for 11 hours straight each weekday, often with no break in the day. It’s tough. Some days I feel like I can barely keep my head above water with training, blogging, cooking, cleaning, and this little tiny thing called sleeping.

Anyway, all I can do is try to manage my time as best as possible and know when to scale back so that I don’t stretch myself too thin.

Tell me, how has your week been?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte 


  1. wow. I like these posts. Your life is so eventful and you make me long for married life. Sorry to hear that you were unwell during the week but I am glad that you are better now. Your friend’s baby shower looks like it was a lot of fun and the cakes look yummy.

    All I did last week was work from 8-5 and spend my evenings watching IDx or reading. My mum visited for a few days so it was nice hanging out with her and having some company at home.

    Have a wonderful week.

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    • Thanks, Diana! I am really glad you enjoy these posts. Honestly, the Weblog Wednesday series is my favorite post to write. And thank you – I am feeling much better now! I still have no clue what was wrong.

      That’s so great that your mom got to visit last week! I hope your week is going well!


  2. Because my commute, door to door, is four minutes (by bicycle), my week (like most weeks) has been relaxing. That sounds like something to be envy, but in truth, it’s like being in prison. It becomes almost impossible to seriously consider a job change knowing that my daily commute is likely to grow by 90 or more minutes. Maybe take the time to learn a language.

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    • I do envy your commute, but I understand how it may feel constraining as well. In my last job, I had a door-to-door ten minute walk as my commute, so this has been a very stark contrast, and probably an even harder adjustment than it otherwise would have been.


  3. I really want to find out more about thredUp but they won’t even let me view the site because I’m in Canada 😑

    My week’s also been super busy, I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. I’ve got some big dance stuff happening in the next few weeks, life should be calming down after that but that means that I have to make it there! However, I may have to make some time to fit in cupcakes, because I really want some after seeing those from the shower!! Here’s hoping it’s a calming week this time around πŸ™‚

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  4. Those cupcakes, though! I’m sorry you felt crappy. I’ve had the same feeling before, and it always comes out of nowhere. Maybe, your body is telling you to slow down?? Your active, amazing, FULL life is so envy-worthy, but maybe you need a day where you do nothing? As I type this, I’m laughing. Who am I kidding-I could never devote an entire day to doing nothing. I mean, it is a nice thought, though!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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    • The cupcakes were AMAZING!!! I thought they were from some fancy schmancy place, but apparently they were Publix! And I think you are spot on. I think you’re absolutely right that (especially with my new work schedule), I’m just wearing myself ragged, and it’s starting to affect my health. My husband and I have been trying to figure out things that can change (like maybe getting a housekeeper) to make it better. You are so right, though — actually setting aside a day to do nothing is a lot harder than it sounds!!

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