I want to be honest with you guys. Sometimes I just don’t feel like my blog is enough. And I’m not talking about followers or stats — I am perfectly happy with the small, cozy community of blogger friends I’ve made. If I never break 1,000 followers I’ll still be content 🙂

Rather, where I feel insecure at times is in terms of how eclectic my blog topics are, and not being 100% devoted to any one of them.

I blog a fair bit about running, but this isn’t a running blog. I blog a fair bit about video games, but this isn’t a gaming blog. I blog a fair bit about fantasy novels, but this isn’t a genre fiction book blog.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

And that was precisely the point when I started this blog. I had always had people tell me how eclectic I was (“You’re so girly but also so nerdy!” “You’re a statistician but you’re good at writing!”), and I wanted a blog that reflected that potpourri of predilections.

And like I said in my semi-rant (Life)style over substance, I wish that there were a bigger movement of lifestyle blogs that actually reflect the lifestyle of the person writing them.

BUT. Here’s where I feel inadequate. I worry that I may not be taken seriously in any one of those categories. No one has ever said any of the following to me, but these are sentiments that I fear:

“Oh, she loves fantasy and plays video games, that’s cute. But she’s a lifestyle blogger, not a real nerd.”

“Sure, she runs marathons, that’s great. But she’s not a hardcore runner since this isn’t a true running blog.”

“I mean yeah, she likes fashion and shopping, but she’s not a true lifestyle blogger since she covers so many other things and doesn’t do professional photo shoots for her fashion posts.”

And yeah, I should probably just not care what anyone else thinks. But that’s kinda hard, if not impossible.

And maybe this all circles back to the narrow connotation society gives to the term ‘lifestyle blogger.’ Maybe this discontent stems primarily from pushing the boundaries of a definition. I don’t know.

Does any of this even make sense?

Thanks for listening, you guys. If I haven’t told you lately, you all are the best.

xoxo Charlotte



  1. I totally get it. I’m a pretty open lifestyle blog too. I chose this but I second guess it all the time.
    I one day want to work in the entertainment industry so I feel like it’d be beneficial if I write a lot about TV shows and whatnot, but I also like writing about other things and like having a blog where I can do this.
    I guess it’s just a thing that you and I will never get over and we’ll always be a little concerned, so I guess my advice is to just roll with it. It’s still YOUR blog and you write about YOUR life, as crazy or diverse as it may be, so there’s no shame in being paranoid.

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    • Yes, exactly! It’s like I was replying to someone else’s comment, I knew going into this that choosing to have a potpourri blog would mean that I would probably alienate/not attract those who solely want niche blogs.

      I really, really appreciate your comment. It is great to hear that I’m not the only one who chose this type of blog but still gets paranoid over its reception.


  2. You’re fabulous and I’ve been having the same struggle. I want my blog to represent MY lifestyle, not what the blogosphere thinks a lifestyle should be.
    Either way, I think your content is fab. I don’t know about anyone else but I would much rather get a snapshot into your life than just another niche blog about gaming or reading or beauty or whatever.

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    • Thank you, Kaitlin! I really appreciate the encouragement to just be myself, even if that means not being 100% devoted to any one hobby or passion. Personally I prefer blogs where I really get to know the person’s life and personality, rather than just a sole focus on one topic.

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  3. I understand exactly what you mean. I started my blog only a little bit ago as I am at a crossroads in my life, with my posts swaying from travel to my career to opinions on self image. Sometimes I feel more like my blog is just a place I can free up some space in my mind rather than something anyone would take seriously. But writing about what I do helps me and enjoy it and right now that’s all I can ask for. Keep posting what you want to do, personally I think blogging about different aspects of who you are shows depth to your character 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Jess! I really appreciate the encouragement to just blog freely and show different sides of myself. Encouragement like this is so helpful, because sometimes the pressure to be a certain type of blog can feel overwhelming, you know?

      Also, what’s your blog’s URL? When I click on mynewnormal.wordpress.com, it takes me to a blog that is from 2008, so I was wondering if I had the right URL. Thanks! 🙂

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      • I understand what you mean completely, but personalities have more than one dimension and I love it when people are I afraid to show different sides if there’s. It makes reading their blog more personal, like talking to a friend almost.
        I didn’t realise it wasn’t the right URL… clearly I am new to blogging ha! It is welcometothenewnormal.wordpress.com

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  4. Your blog is enough! You should be able to write about whatever you love and whatever is going on in your life. It’s a personal blog. It’s yours, just yours. Whatever comes through your mind is valid and welcome. xo

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  5. If you’re anything like me, if you focus on one particular element, you’ll soon get bored and possibly resent giving time to it. I completely understand though as I often think that about my own blog – I like the look of it, but it’s not high-end / polished. But then neither am I! I’d much rather have a blog that reflects me more closely than a facade.
    Just keep doing what makes you happy and if you want to change things around, do it – you can always change it back!

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    • Yes! That is a great point, Haylee. I do find that if I spend too much time focusing on one topic, then I’ll start to get antsy to switch to one of my other topics. Which is why I just don’t think I could do a single-focus blog. Not that there is anything wrong with niche blogs. They often do quite well.

      Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement!

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  6. Blog angst? Now you’ve got blog angst? Who are you blogging for? Yourself because you enjoy it! Don’t worry about how we see you. That is so 8th grade! I don’t know if my blog is classified as anything, humor maybe, but I think of my blog as my personality online. I like to think that if I ever get hit in the head and forget who I am, the doctors will just tell me to go read my blog. That’s what I see in your blog. It’s an online slice of your personality and I think you do a wonderful job of conveying that because you’re so eclectic. Unless your goal is to sell something specific besides yourself, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s great!

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    • ‘That is so 8th grade’ has got to be one of the funniest and truest things someone has said to me in a while. Thank you for the chuckle and the pick-me-up. 🙂

      I would classify your blog as humor mixed with your charming personality and a bit of self-promotion for your books. Which is why I love your blog. It is genuinely YOUR voice. I read blogs where, if you were to mask the byline, I’d know after a few paragraphs who wrote it. I like unique voices like yours.

      Anyway, no I am not trying to sell anything other than myself, which is a very, very good point. I mean I tried to sell that beachside property in the desert, but no one was interested! Crazy.

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  7. I know what you mean. Every time I hit “post” the doubts start. This might offend someone… another running post, people are going to unfollow… too personal… not personal enough… Blogging *is* anxiety. I typically read blogs that paint a picture of the writer. A small reveal with each post. So for me, your blog is perfect. I will skip a post here or there because I just don’t care (gaming review, etc) but in general, I find your posts interesting. This one is one of my favorites because it shows a new side of you. Ultimately, unless lightning strikes, it’s a hobby. So the posts should be on the topics *you* care about.

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    • Precisely. In fairness, I knew going into it that having a potpourri blog would mean that I might alienate (or at least not attract) those readers who only want to read about one specific topic. I’m sure there are plenty of pure-running bloggers out there who don’t want to read my blog because it just doesn’t feature enough running posts. And that’s OK – I totally get it. I knew that when I started this. Knowing it and not having anxiety about it, on the other hand, are two different things, I suppose.


  8. I totally get your feeling. I often feel the same… I write about travel, running, photography, being an expat, etc. As human, we like to have labels. It defines us and it’s often very reassuring to be able to say “I’m a runner”, “I blog about beauty and fashion”, etc. but in the end, we are more than one label and it’s absolutely fine! The important is to be authentic to you, not to the society standards or big bloggers standards… Many of them stick to a style because they get pid for it, anyway (not that it’s a bad thing!). So… Write what you feel like writing. People who want to read it will… And if you have pleasure writing it in the first place, you’ve already won. x

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    • I wish I could like this comment times a thousand, Frede! You captured it so perfectly. You are absolutely right that it boils down to the very human desire for the validation that comes with a firm label. And you’re right, if we enjoy what we’re doing then we’ve already won. And I absolutely love blogging, I guess I just need to try to care less about the various labels.

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      • It’s hard to stop worrying about labels and validation, especially nowadays where love seem to be counted in number of likes on a photo, tweet or status! But writing should come from the heart and from what we enjoy doing. I truly enjoy reading your blog, not only for the subjects you chose to write about but because you are an excellent writer. 🙂

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  9. I completely feel the same way! If I don’t have a niche of some sort, will I be enough of ANYTHING to make people want to read what I have to say? But then I remind myself that I don’t concentrate all of my time on one topic or activity, and this is who I am 🙂 This is a conversation that I have with myself at least once a week, as I follow so many book blogs and planner blogs and food blogs that only seem to do that one thing, which then leads to “Should I be doing less of a variety of things??” I suppose I could, but then I would be bored with myself and if I am bored with me, everyone else will be, too! This is a fantastic post, Charlotte!

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    • Exactly!! You totally get it. I don’t care that my blog is not for everyone — no one can be everything for everybody. It’s more of a fear of being a jack of too many trades and a master of none, to borrow a popular phrase, and then not earning the respect of those who are devoted masters of their trades.

      But you are precisely right. This *is* who we are as individuals, so it is only fitting that our blogs reflect the variety of interests and hobbies we each have. One of the many reasons I love your blog is how you cover so many topics with grace and wit. It’s what makes you, you! 💖


  10. Hey, I think you just came up with a new “Blog Category” – Potpourri Blog! I think the world wants to put everyone in little boxes because then we fit better into search engines. But when it comes down to it, NOBODY fits into a box. Do what you want. Don’t worry so much about the “rules.” Have you ever worried about them before? Be the runner-nerd-statistician-writer you want to be. Besides, there no guarantee that even if you focused your blog on one category that it would make you happier or more successful, right?

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  11. You are SO enough. I love your diverse content. In fact, it’s hard for me to follow blogs that have just one theme, unless it’s something I’m really into. If you just blogged about running or gaming, I’d likely never have connected with you, because those are two topics I don’t relate well to. You are reaching so many more people by being diverse. Also, I loved the comment about your worrying what others think being “so 8th grade”! 😂 You’re not alone in caring what others think, but don’t let others’ thoughts determine something so important to you.

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  12. I find that blogging about what I enjoy….means I enjoy blogging. And for me that could be anything from wildlife, travel, pets, day to day stuff etc. You have lots of interests and blog about them.Well why not! It shows you are a well rounded person with lots of things going on in your life.And you blog with lots of enthusiasm and you are really informative. You have a fab lifestyle blog.:) x

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  13. Girl! Just go on bein’ you! I love the variety and getting to know you in all of your different posts. My blog was intended to be a feel-good, you-can-do-it type of inspiration but I am finding that it is more about MY inspiration and how I get through life. Blogging is about you. All writing is about you. Whatever is YOUR passion is what I want to read about. ❤

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  14. I have doubts about my blog too… while I do still write about topics that I started this blog based on – memories mainly, domestic abuse and depression) sometimes I wonder if I’ve overplayed that side of things and need to move on or if when I do add other topics in my life like my martial sports or girly purchases or my fiction or anything else really – well, I wonder if my followers especially the ones that have been there from near the beginning even want to read all that given that’s not what I was writing about when they hit the follow button… we all have insecurities about our blogs… but I also think plenty of people know that we are all multifaceted and can be serious about one thing or another without focusing all of our energies on just the one topic. Your eclectic topics make for more interesting reading to me… tbh if you were primarily a running blog I’d likely not be following you 😉 you catch more people’s interest this way, I’d wager

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    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful words of encouragement. I think that hearing people say they enjoy my blog precisely because it is so all over the place helps me with my insecurities. I’m also glad to hear I am far from the only one who has these occasional insecurities about what we post. In your case for example, I would love to read anything you write!

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  15. I think blogging is most fun when we write about the things that interest is, no matter how eclectic the collection of topics may be. Things are likely to be more interesting for readers if we’re genuinely enthusiastic about them ourselves. 🙂

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  16. Charlotte, please NEVER feel like it’s not enough. If anything, I LOVE when people talk about everything. For personal blogs, I’ve never understood the advice of “find your niche and write about it”. You can only talk so much about bicycles or cookies, ya know? I threw out the advice of focusing on a topic. My topics vary from children to current events to the a** hole of the month:). Such a pretty necklace in your profile btw!

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    • Exactly my concern, Samantha! However, I definitely feel better reading everyone’s supportive and encouraging comments. I know I, for one, love reading about everyone’s varied interests. 🙂


  17. I actually really just enjoy reading about the different aspects of your life just fine! It’s what drew me to your blog in the first place. In addition to being an excellent writer, your personal journey, opinions, and experiences captivate people and make them want to keep reading more. Keeep doing what you’re doing with confidence!! 💜

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