Photo an hour: February 11th, 2017

Since last week’s photo-an-hour challenge post was so well received, I decided to do one again this Saturday. I’m also really pleased that so many of you guys have decided to give this challenge a go as well. Check out Fatty McCupcake’s photo an hour post – I dare you not to break out in laughter!

I honestly really love seeing what you guys do during a typical day, whether its exotic or mundane. That’s one thing I love about following others’ blogs – just seeing how you live your life.

For this Saturday, I took the same method as before. When I woke up, I looked at the clock and chose the nearest quarter hour as the photo hour. This Saturday, I woke up around 4:40, so my first photo was at 4:45, the next was at 5:45, and so on.

As you guys know, I am all about keeping it real on my blog, so I liked the idea of being forced to take a photo at a very specific time, in order to prevent being able to curate things too much.

Without further ado, here was my Saturday!

4:45 AM: Dear Husband and I will be running the Hot Chocolate 5k this morning, but my training schedule has me doing eight miles today, so I need to make up extra mileage throughout the day. So, I have set my alarm early in order to squeeze in a quick 1.5 mile wake-up run before we leave for the race. Even with the overhead light on, it’s obviously still very dark in my home gym due to the early hour.

5:45 AM: We are in the car headed to the race. Dear Husband is driving. There’s really not much to say here. Like I’ve said, this photo challenge is awesome because it forces you to showcase even the mundane things in real life.

6:45: The sun has mostly risen by this point, and we are killing time before the race starts by checking out all the attractions the race organizers have put out to get some photos. I was nervous about feeling like a big goofball wearing our conversation heart themed costumes, but we are getting so many compliments on them!

7:45 AM: Even though the race officially started at 7 o’clock, they released the corrals in staggered waves, so our corral didn’t cross the start line until closer to 7:30. So right now we are running the 5k! Currently we are winding our way through downtown Nashville. One cool thing I love about road races is that it’s pretty neat to get to run up and down city streets and highways, where you’d normally either get arrested or run over.

8:45 AM: We finished enjoying our chocolaty goodies at the post-race party, and we’ve just piled back up in the car to head home. Regrettably, neither of us particularly has a sweet tooth, so most of the hot chocolate and fondue got dumped.

9:45 AM: At this point in the day, neither of us has had our morning coffee, and I still haven’t eaten anything (with the exception of one marshmallow and a few sips of hot chocolate), so we prepare a late breakfast and coffee.

10:45 AM: Right now we are finishing the last of our coffee by the fire and researching swimming pools, pergolas, and other backyard projects. We built this house last year, but the backyard is still completely unfinished. We are thinking of doing an in-ground pool (possibly with a hot tub), a pergola, a fire pit, and a grilling area. We shall see, though.

11:45 AM: You guys, I needed a nap so dang badly. It was a really tough week both mentally and physically, and I’ve been getting up between 4 and 5 every day. I normally try not to take naps, but I seriously felt like I might pass out. So I laid down around 11 o’clock. Which means y’all don’t get a photo this hour because I was asleep.

12:45 PM: Still napping. Hashtag real life!

1:45 PM: I am awake again, and feeling much more refreshed. Now it’s time to finish up my daily training mileage. I hop on the treadmill to run another four miles. My “take a photo” alarm goes off while I’m running, so you guys get a blurry running shot, lol.

2:45 PM: We are going out to dinner tonight for an early Valentine’s dinner, and we want to get to the restaurant by 4 since we never ate lunch and want to be the crowds. While Dear Husband is off watching one of his many TV shows, I am doing some blogging and putting on my makeup for dinner.

3:45 PM: Before we head to the restaurant, we check out a local pool store to talk with them about doing a custom backyard for us, as well as to see the pools they have. I really like the idea of having a hot tub that somehow feeds into the pool.

4:45 PM: We are eating dinner at Red Lobster. People think it’s crazy that I HATE seafood but love Red Lobster. I don’t think it’s crazy at all. They clearly have the best cheddar biscuits known to man, and they do serve chicken and veggies.

5:45 PM: We are back home now like a couple of early birds, and Dear Husband turns on the fire and the TV while I pop open my laptop for some more blogging as well as some vacation research.

6:45 PM: We’ve got some college basketball game on while we wait for 7:30 to roll around so we can watch the Golden State/Oklahoma City game. I’m hungry again, though, so I grab a nighttime snack. I’m really starting to fade, though.

7:45 PM: You guys. I simply cannot keep my eyes open. I think I’ve really been running myself too ragged lately between my new work schedule and training. I just can’t. So, I crawl in bed just as this photo alarm is going off, and I doubt y’all want a photo from my bed.

Well, I hope y’all enjoyed this second edition of the photo an hour challenge! I hope that more of y’all continue to do the challenge as well!

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. […] By the time we got home from the airport, it was nearing 9 o’clock, and we were facing a 4:30 AM wake-up call for the Hot Chocolate 5k. To say we were exhausted on Saturday is an overstatement. Saturday was an awesome day of lots of running (three runs, to be exact), lots of napping, and a big dinner out. I documented it all again in another photo-an-hour challenge. […]


  2. The photo of you and your husband at the race – are you standing between two monster marshmallows with pretzel limbs? I’m a fan haha. Also, Alex and I go out to dinner REALLY early, too. I can’t stand waiting in a line to eat, especially when the hangry comes out!

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    • I’m sure they wouldn’t be boring! You are an interesting person, so I’m sure your photos would reflect that. I personally just love seeing people’s lives (oh God that sounds creepy…). There’s this one vlog I follow that covers their everyday lives, and it is so mundane, but I mean that in a positive way. I find ordinary little things like going grocery shopping or reading the news fascinating. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. […] The point of “photo an hour” is to document an entire day by taking one photo every hour, despite what is going on. Although it sounded time consuming, I still went for it. It actually wasn’t a hassle at all! I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Charlotte, who posted a few of these. It’s interesting to see what someone’s life is like from the outside, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. (Go check out her photos here!) […]


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