Keeping it in perspective

Do you guys ever have things happen during the day that make you think, “I’m going to blog about this tonight!”

Today was one of those days for me. Let me tell, I have had A DAY.

This post was originally going to be a humor piece. And there will still be some humor in the story below. But given the turn of events that the day took, I decided to make this a slightly more serious post.

Without further ado … my day of being reminded to keep things in perspective.

Today (Thursday) started off innocently enough. My alarm buzzed me awake at 4:30, and I got up to go on a run and do my daily workout. Milling through my closet after my post-run shower, I decided to wear crisp white jeans. It’s not spring yet, but I just love wearing white denim!

Even though my new workplace has no dress code, I decided to dress up my white denim with my nicest and favorite blazer.

Little did I know I was dooming myself already.

As a diligent employee who knew she had a big deadline to meet today, I showed up to work early to get a head start on the project that was due to EOB today.

And then, around 7:45 AM is when things took a turn for the worse. Somehow in my hasty pecking away at the keyboard, I elbowed my Yeti full of piping hot black coffee. Said coffee proceeded to spill ALL down my nicest and favorite blazer and white jeans.

I *might* have uttered some choice four letter vocabulary out of shock.

Two separate coworkers graciously came up to me with paper towels and some of those Clorox bleach pens.

Praise be! I thought to myself. I’ll bleach the stains out before the rest of the office even arrives!

Not so much. One of the bleach pens I used is apparently not suitable for use whilst wearing the soiled garment. And I made the mistake of reading that after squeezing the tube a bit too hard and squirting milky white concentrated bleach ALL over my left leg and inner thigh.

So now my entire upper left leg was utterly SOAKED in a bizarre mixture of Sumatra coffee and Clorox bleach. Which, if you’ve ever worn wet denim, you’ll know is a quite unpleasant sensation. Not to mention that fact that, to my coworkers who were just arriving for the day and had missed the big spill, it looked as though I had utterly soiled myself.

Mind you it was still not even 8 o’clock at this point, so I had a LONG day of embarrassment and discomfort ahead of me. Around 10 o’clock, I realized that the toxic stench of bleach was really starting to make me ill (after all, the pen said not to use it while wearing the clothes), so I told my boss I’d need to run home to change lest I faint from bleach fumes.

So, I nipped out of the office thinking, it’s midday – I’ll get home in a flash with no traffic!

Again, not so much. This is, unfortunately, where the story turns from humorous to more serious. Because, as I was literally a few hundred meters from my house, all traffic was completely stopped due to a very serious accident. I am not sure if the victim survived, but there were multiple ambulances and police cars, so I fear the worst.

Sitting there, stuck in traffic and being frustrated that I needed to be at work getting this important project done, I suddenly forgot the noxious bleach fumes rising from my sticky, wet, stained jeans. Suddenly all I could think about was hoping that this person was OK, and that the ambulance would make it to the hospital with enough time to save them from whatever trauma had occurred.

The accident was so bad that it took probably hours to clear, because I had to turn around, hop back on the interstate to take the next exit up, then drive back down the long way to my house, only to find that it was still blocked off when I left home again after changing clothes. This was definitely no fender bender.

What’s interesting is that the whole coffee/bleach fiasco was mildly humorous to me even as it was happening, so it’s not as though I was in massive need of things being put into perspective at that point in the day.

However, once I got back to work, crunch time really kicked in for this project I was working on that was due by 5 o’clock today. You guys, I get stressed out really easily by deadlines, and this one was awful. Like it was literally such a tight deadline that I didn’t even feel comfortable wasting time to get up from my desk and use the restroom or get a drink of water.

All throughout the afternoon, my heart pounded faster and faster as my anxiety over the looming deadline rose. In the end, my team and I made it, but I do feel as though my perspective was off. There I was, treating this project as if it were the be-all-end-all of the world. As if someone’s life depended upon it. (Spoiler alert: no one’s life depended upon it).

So, as I drove home, exhaling for the first time all day, I tried to remind myself to put the project in perspective. Put this whole crazy day in perspective. That accident victim may have died (I don’t know), and I should count myself as lucky for even having a life where looming project deadlines and soiled denim are issues.

Tell me, how do you keep things in perspective when you’re having  a crazy/bad day?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. I always feel like crap when reality and a fresh perspective slaps me in the face. You’re a decent human, that’s for sure. So many people would have not taken the time to reflect on how their current struggles didn’t even come close to comparing to a possible lost life. Yikes. Crazy day. Hopefully your Friday is better and I hope no one lost their life in that crash 😔

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  2. I take a nap… lol just kidding. But I must say, not knowing how your office is situated in relation to your house (and hey you’re in Nashville so you probably have to get on interstates anyway) but there was once I was at work and had to leave first thing in the AN for a change of clothes as well – I just ran to the Walmart down the road and grabbed new cheap items and changed in the bathroom…was a lot quicker than running home across town at the time lol

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  3. I keep a ‘positivity journal’ where every day I write soemthing I am grateful for and something positive that happened to me in the day, so even when I had a crap day I am reminded that it could have been much worse and ther eis still little bits of happiness in it… I hope the rest of the week is better for you, and my thoughts to that poor victim in the accident!

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      • You are most welcome! I even convinced my boyfriend to do it with me, and he said that it totally improved his mood and the way he sees things. Our thoughts hold a lot of power…:)

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  4. Keeping things in perspective is a good point of reflection. I put a lot of pressure on myself at work. A lesson for future might be not to wear a white outfit for work.

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    • I definitely find work the hardest thing in life to keep in perspective. Things like accidents with coffee are fairly easy for me to shake off, but I find that I often take work far too seriously as far as keeping it in perspective.

      And yes, no white for a while! Haha

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  5. I blog. My blog only has positive things on it, it’s my own place of happy thoughts. Life may be chaotic and at times incredibly stressful but I have started to try and see the positive things as much as possible, I can honestly say I feel much better for it.

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    • Sobering and on point response, Paul. My mom died of cancer six years ago this April, and if I’m honest, sometimes lately it will be the case where enough time has passed that it doesn’t put things in perspective quite as immediately as it used to, if that makes sense. Not that I want to think about it every day, necessarily, as I know she would want me to get on with my life as best I can, but I do need to make a conscious effort to keep things in better perspective.


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