Weblog Wednesday: A Most Superb Owl

I am pleased to report that, despite getting sick with a cold late in the week, this past week has not been nearly as stressful as last week was with all the traveling. Towards the end of the workday on Thursday, I began to get a nagging ache on the back right side of my throat.

Oh no…. I thought to myself.

Sure enough, when I woke up on Friday morning, as I was telling you guys in my how-to-stop-a-cold-in-its-track post, I could barely breathe and had the absolute worst sore throat. So, I called into work sick and slept the day away, only getting up now and then to refill my water or herbal tea.

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That evening, Dear Husband went out to a poker tournament being held by one of his brother’s friends. I am so proud of him for winning first place and raking in a nice little pot o’ change!

Meanwhile, I nursed my sore throat and throbbing sinuses, while I curled up on the couch with my Nintendo 3DS playing Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy. In case you missed my review, you can catch it here.

I’m really glad that I was feeling somewhat more alive the next morning. After all, we had a Super Bowl MeetUp party to host, and I would have hated to cancel at the last minute due to being sick. The bulk of Saturday was spent running errands to gather supplies for the party.

I also spent Saturday documenting every hour with a photo, doing the photo-an-hour challenge. It seems like you guys really liked the post that resulted from the challenge, so I just may do that again soon.

My alarm came bright and early Sunday morning, as there were many tasks to accomplish prior to guests arriving. After breakfast, coffee, and blogging (simultaneously), the first order of business was to bake cupcakes.

You guys, this was a classic case of Pinterest failing but where they at least tasted awesome! I had seen SO many cute football dessert ideas on Pinterest. I wish I had had the time and talent to do these cookies,  but alas, my 50 Yard Line Cupcakes ended up looking pretty amateur but REALLY delish. Just look at the little football cupcake liners I found!

Side note: Y’all know I’m a die-hard Panthers fan, so there was no way I wasn’t going to wear my Sir Purr jersey to our shindig. 🙂

As for savory bites, I served a hot and cheesy Mexican corn dip (spicy hot and temperature hot), a pitcher of strawberry pink lemonade margaritas, and guacamole. All homemade, too!

Once food preparation was underway and the house was tidied up, I took a break for a quick run to work up my game day appetite. Before I knew it, it was nearly time for people to start arriving. Unfortunately, at the last minute some folks had to cancel, but we still had a lot of fun with the guests who did make it.

The game itself was pretty crazy. For the majority of it it was totally the Snoozer Bowl, but then that fourth quarter was insane! I’ve got to say, I am neither a Patriots fan nor a Falcons fan, but I am not surprised the Pats pulled it off in the end. So, proverbial hats off to them for their well-earned victory.

I have a lot of family in Atlanta, and my cousin was actually there at the game (#bucketlist), so I honestly did feel pretty bad for her, given the money she paid to be there and seeing as how this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Oh well, part of being a good sports fan is rooting for your team even with they lose.

This week I feel mostly on the mend from my cold, but work is honestly really difficult right now for various reasons. Anyway, later in the week Dear Husband has to fly to Austin, Texas for work, which means I’ll have the place to myself for a few days to throw some wild partays. Or just be a nerd and blog, whatever. 😉

Tell me, how has your week been? Did you catch the Super Bowl this weekend? I know that a lot of my readers are from outside the States, so tell me what your biggest sports events are where you live!

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. It’s tough to give a response to this as it was obviously a couple of weeks ago and I can barely remember what I did last night! I’ve never got into American football. It’s not a British thing as I know several who do like it, but I’ve never liked rugby and american football is essentially just that except they’re pansies and wear protection. Haha. Sports wise I only ever keep an eye on real football 😉 This weekend (18th), we (Stockport County) broke the attendance record for a game at our level. We’re in the Conference North which is essentially division six, but it’s split into north and south. Over 5,600 turned up to watch us beat FC United of Manchester (not to be confused with Manchester United). It was reminiscent of the crowds we got when we were several divisions higher than we are now. So there you go. Glad you enjoyed the Super Bowl 🙂

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    • Bahaha that is so true about American football being rugby but with namby pamby protection! 😂

      I think that, given the volume of U.K. readers I’ve got, I’ll need to brush up on my proper football. 😏


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