A photo an hour

I got the idea to do the photo-an-hour challenge from Shazza over at Sunshine and Celandines. Do check out her gorgeous photos!

The idea is to take a photo an hour for an entire day and document everything you did. My initial thought was, “that sounds time consuming!” But really, it wasn’t much of an inconvenience at all.

I chose to document this past Saturday, which was a pretty typical weekend day for me. I look forward to hearing if you guys like this kind of post. Enjoy!

7 o’clock: I go on an hour long run. I’m currently transitioning from post-marathon recovery to training for my next marathon. Today’s run doesn’t have a mileage goal like normal training runs do. Instead, I just set the clock for an hour and go as far as I go.

8 o’clock: I do mindful stretching, foam rolling, and weight training. One of my fitness goals is to get stronger arms, so today I do 3×15 each of deltoid exercises and bicep curls. I also take extra time to roll out my hamstrings, as my left one has been bugging me a little lately.

9 o’clock: Even though I’m feeling poorly from my cold and don’t have an appetite, I force myself to eat a hearty post-run breakfast while I blog. Blogging time starts off catching up on comments, then half an hour is devoted to writing a new post, then time for reading and commenting on other blogs.

10 o’clock: I’m done eating, but I’m still sipping on my decaf coffee. I’m also still hard at work blogging. I’ve just finished a post and scheduled it for publication. Now it’s time to devote another half hour or so to reading other people’s blogs and commenting.

11 o’clock: Dear Husband is off at his mom’s house doing something (I honestly wasn’t paying complete attention when he told me!), so after my shower I am making our grocery list for tomorrow’s Super Bowl party. We’ll need to make our run today, since I’m making margaritas and Tennessee doesn’t allow liquor sales on Sunday.

12 o’clock: After cleaning up myself, I am cleaning up the kitchen and living room in preparation for tomorrow’s party. At first, I was hesitant to post this photo, because it is so UN-glamorous, and you can clearly see how cluttered my counter is with old Christmas candy, but the point of this is to be a documentation of real life!

1 o’clock: We have headed out for our errands, and we stop at Moe’s for lunch first. I get my favorite: the close talker salad with tofu. I can never stop myself from sampling all the salsas are their salsa bar.

2 o’clock: Our first stop for errands is Hobby Lobby. Next weekend, we are running the Nashville Hot Chocolate 5k, and since it is the weekend before Valentine’s Day, we are going to run in conversation heart themed costumes.

3 o’clock: After Hobby Lobby and Target, we are now at Lowe’s, where my husband is picking up some hardware for the new house. I must say, home improvement stores are a special form of hell for me. I just really dislike these places.

4 o’clock: After Hobby Lobby, Target, Lowe’s, and a grocery run at Wal-Mart, we are now on our last errand stop, a package store. Our signature drink at tomorrow night’s Super Bowl Watch party is a pink lemonade margarita, so we need tequila and triple sec. I honestly don’t even know what triple sec is!

5 o’clock: Finally back at home, I am now starting to work on our conversation heart running costumes. These will go on the fronts of our running tops. My husband will wear the heart that says “my pace or yours?” and I will wear the one that says “run away with me.” Like our little running jokes?

6 o’clock: After a busy day of training, blogging, and errand running, it is finally time to kick back and relax. Dear Husband pours himself a whiskey and me a glass of wine. We flip through the Chrissy Teigen cookbook I got for Christmas to decide on what to make for dinner. Beautiful cookbooks are like porn for me. I could seriously just drool over the photos all day.

7 o’clock: I decide to do a twist on Chrissy’s Literally Stovetop Pork Chops recipe. I didn’t start the recipe early enough to brine the pork, and I’d rather bake it than cook it on the skillet. I get my DSLR out to  photograph the meal to use as an upcoming blog post.

8 o’clock: We sit down to dinner. Dear Husband raves about the pork chops. I have to trust him, because I don’t eat pork. (Or any animals other than chicken). I  load my plate with brown rice and veggies, which is basically the most basic but greatest combo ever.

9 o’clock: I finish off the night by playing more of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy by the fire. I don’t get very far before my eyelids start feeling exceptionally heavy. In a few minutes, I’ll be off to bed.

So, what did you think? Would you enjoy more posts like this? I certainly found this to be a fun little post experiment.

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. I have a cold too. Except, I didn’t go for a run or work my arm muscles first thing in the morning. I DID, however, get a McD’s breakfast sandwich and coffee to start my busy day of laying on the couch, feeling like I was dying. You’re truly an inspiration!!!

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  2. Hi thanks for the mention. Its always interesting to see how fellow bloggers spend their day. 🙂 I think your Valentine running costumes are going to look fab! Its really interesting to hear that alcohol cannot be bought in stores on a Sunday.Reminds me of how it was here, quite a few years ago now. Its interesting that you can whip up a post in half an hour. I’m such a slow writer It can take me days sometimes. Looking fwd to more Photo An Hour posts in the future. ♡ x

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  3. Okay, I LOVE this idea and might steal it next weekend. Or a day when I’m actually planning on doing fun things. My life is pretty boring ha. Love all your photos 🙂 I have to say – I’m impressed you can get your husband to shop with you for so many hours! Mine has a limit of 1, until he decides he’d rather just drive me around and wait in the car lol. Your running costumes seem like such a cute idea.

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    • Yay! I am so pleased people liked this post and idea. You should totally do the challenge too. And I’m sure your life isn’t boring. I do know what you mean though. When I decided to do it on Saturday I was like, ugh, people are just going to see photos of me running errands, booooring. But at the end of the day I realized it was actually pretty fun, plus a good way to keep track of where the time went.

      And haha this was a VERY rare occasion to get my husband’s help running errands.

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  4. Good cook books are like porn for me too! Lol. This was a fun post to read, and I would even consider trying one of my own! I’m glad you posted the dishwasher pic, because you’re right. This is a real life story and that’s a HUGE part of it lol.

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    • Aw, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind feedback!! That means a lot. It was a fun challenge and one I am looking forward to doing again – you should definitely try it!

      And I am glad people appreciate my dish washer pic for the realism that it is. This is real life, not something straight out of Pinterest, and I know I love it when other bloggers show realism too. 🙂

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  5. Oh my word! I’ve just realised to what extent I’m behind on your blog! This is ridiculous! I assure you that my reasons for falling behind are very reasonable. I won’t go into detail here, but it’s not easy going of late. I hope you’ll bear with me

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    • Tsk tsk, for shame for falling behind! 😉

      Haha I am totally kidding, as I am obviously falling behind on replying to comments! In all seriousness, thank you for being such a supportive blogging buddy. It really does mean a lot. And as I said the other day, I am so sorry things are tough lately. Virtual hugs!

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