Cozy Cube: Final Product

After being on the new job for over two weeks now, I finally have an organized and decorated cube that I am proud of!

One of the staple pieces I chose was this cute little rose gold frame that I painted myself. I was really pleased to find some really realistic looking faux roses, since I’m allergic to real roses and don’t feel like spending that kind of money on the regular.

I just love how the rose gold of the vase perfectly matches the rose gold Yeti my husband got me for Christmas.

In the background you can see the sleek file organizer I got, along with some fun gold flecked folders.

And of course, you can check out the Kate Spade inspired navy striped frames I made.

On the other side of my desk, I put the matching clear and gold tape dispenser and stapler – so much classier than a dingy old Swingline stapler and roll of Scotch tape!

I also found this cute little gold dotted candle and gold rimmed ceramic tray to keep knickknacks like my EOS lotion.

And let’s not forget the trusty Bodum French press, for those moments when regular old office coffee just won’t cut it.

Finally, I stocked up on pastel ombré pencils to fill my gold lettered mug, along with this pair of gold Eiffel Tower scissors.

And there you have it, an oasis at the office!

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Love your little office desk decoration, Charlotte. Rose gold is the trend right now. You can see it in interior design, fashion and even beauty. I’m already visualizing my new job and office desk. I might go with rose gold deco also :). Hopefully you’re enjoying your new work place. Have a lovely week ahead!

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