Weblog Wednesday: On the road


That’s the sound of me sighing out of sheer exhaustion after a veritable whirlwind of activity. Last Wednesday I was telling you guys about the somewhat boring and uneventful weekend we had had. Well, this past week has been anything but that.

On Wednesday night, I came home to a rare occasion: my husband had cooked dinner! Me pointing this out as a rarity isn’t a dig at him — I absolutely love cooking and like being the chef of the house. But it is certainly nice to have the rare treat of dinner being on the table when I get home from work.

He cooked homemade chili AND even baked a loaf of bread from scratch!

On Thursday night we went to our usual trivia night at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. We did pretty awful but enjoyed the food and fun, as always. 

Friday is when the intervening week really started getting crazy. Not only did we get home late from trivia on Thursday night, but we had to pack for a weekend trip and get up extra early the next day so that my husband could take me to work. The plan was for him to pick me up after work so that we could head straight out of town for the weekend, so that meant hitting the rush hour Nashville traffic on the way out of town.

I really strongly dislike road trips, even more than I strongly dislike being stuck in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic. But the silver lining was this gorgeous sunset over Music City.

Our first stop on our road trip was to visit my dad, who lives about four hours south in Birmingham. He recently had major surgery for a precancerous tumor, so this was our first time seeing him since his recovery. 

By the time we arrived at his house, we were both dead tired, but it was good catching up with my dad and his wife.

The next morning, Dear Husband and I got up early to go visit one of our old haunts, the cute little independent coffee shop where I worked when he and I first met nearly six years ago.

Over a strong cup of much needed coffee, we started hashing out plans for our Ireland trip this autumn for me to run the Dublin Marathon. If you didn’t catch Monday’s post about this bucket list item, here it is!

After coffee, we strolled around a local park, where we came across these cute little book houses for swapping free books with strangers. I have seen it in other cities and just love this idea!

After that, we met up with my dad and his wife for breakfast at this awesome biscuit house. I ordered a kale and egg white biscuit, and it did not disappoint! My husband ordered a spicy chicken biscuit and loaded grits. Yum!!

After saying our goodbyes to my dad, we loaded up the car for the next leg of our road trip. This time to middle of nowhere Mississippi for Dear Husband’s grandmother’s 75th birthday party.

The area where she lives doesn’t have much in the way of shopping or dining, but what it lacks in economic infrastructure it makes up for in sheer natural beauty.

The next day I was honestly really ready to go back home. Not because I don’t like visiting far away family, but because I don’t really like spending the night in other people’s houses and living out of a suitcase. On the drive back to Nashville, we encountered some snow flurries, but other than that the drive was uneventful.

I’ve got to say, it was really, really, really nice to get back home. One thing I dislike about long weekend road trips like this one is that there is no relaxation time to prepare mentally and logistically for the coming workweek.

Nevertheless, I tried to go into the new workweek with a good attitude. As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on here now, I am kind of having a hard time adjusting to some culture shock at my new job, so I’d be lying if I said this week has been smooth sailing so far. It hasn’t — far from it, in fact. 

But I’m trying my best to manage my mental real estate and focus on my long term life goals to help me get through difficult times.

Tell me, how has your week been? Did you have a good weekend?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte 


  1. Omg loaded griiiiitssss…. made me jealous just now! To be fair I’d be perfectly happy with just the cheese grits from Pancake Pantry lol I love how Nashville has so many awesome independent coffee houses and little restaurants that have just excellent food… never found a place that disappointed! I was actually thinking of Gojo the other day – used to go every year for my birthday and it’s my birthday in one week… I’m craving it so bad!!

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  2. It looks like you had a really great weekend!! But, I totally get it. As much as I love weekend trips, they make for a very LONG following week. I had an all-day education conference on Saturday, so it was like I didn’t even have a weekend! BOO! I am super excited for you that you get to plan a trip to Dub-Town!

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  3. That sounds like a busy, exhausting weekend. I’m not keen on long journeys. That sunset was amazing though. I need R&R time at weekends to be able to function during the week when I’m working.

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  4. I couldn’t cope with a week filled with that much activity. Not unless there was alcohol available in abundance. Haha. I’m always mentally busy though; planning my next moves both in blog/writing world and the (sighs) real world. I’ve had an awful lot to consider in all this past week…

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    • Regrettably, there was no alcohol to help with the crazyness of the busy week! I would say I am sorry to hear you’ve had so much to consider over the past week, but perhaps it is a good thing? Whatever it is, I hope things work out the way you want them to!

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      • I think it likely will be a good thing in the long run, but we shall see. Alcohol doesn’t help in these particular situations, but when Friday rolls around it just wouldn’t do without a trip to the supermarket for my bottle of Colombard

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