Weblog Wednesday: Following the rainbow

I wish I could tell you guys that I had a fabulous week full of glamorous adventures since last week’s Weblog Wednesday post, and that I feel like my life is totally “on track” (whatever that means), but the honest truth is I can’t. My husband was sick much of the time with a bad cold, and my anxiety was pretty bad this past weekend.

As you all know, I started my new job on the 12th, so I’m approaching two weeks here. I am feeling slightly more settled each day, but big life changes are always hard for me in terms of the anxiety they provoke.

Last Thursday, we didn’t get to go do our normal Thursday night trivia since Dear Husband was sick. The entire weekend was very low key as well for the same reason. On Saturday night, however, we got out to go watch the University of Tennessee vs Mississippi State University basketball game over at my father in law’s house.

That night once we got home we spent some time playin New Super Mario Brothers U on the Wii U I got my husband for Christmas last year.

On Sunday we had considered going into town for brunch, but we ended up keeping it low key and just going out for coffee instead.

That afternoon I was a baking-cleaning-crafting fiend. Not only did I clean the kitchen top to bottom, I bought groceries, prepped meals for the week, baked homemade oatmeal cookies for my office, painted some picture frames and a vase for my desk at work, and did another fun little craft that you’ll see on the blog later in the week!

The week so far has been fine, I suppose. However, I honestly feel overwhelmed with the feeling that my life just isn’t where I want it to be. Don’t get me wrong – I am beyond grateful to have a loving husband and family and a good career. And of course I understand that achieving goals takes time, and that things in life don’t always work out the way we hope, but I still lately have been feeling this sense of feeling off track. Not off of a track that society says I should be on, just off the path I want to be on. Does that even make any sense?

I know it’s cheesy, but I saw a rainbow the other day, and it made me really feel at peace, if only momentarily.

Tell me, how has your week been? Do you ever feel like you are off track in life?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


    • Exactly!! It’s like, I know some very concrete things I want: children (soon), to actually make money off my blog (ideally soon, but really just ever!), and to finish writing my book and publish it. Thing is, I don’t even know how possible any or all of those things are, and that scares me. It’s like, sure, there are lots of things that are within my power that I can do to try to get those things, but there are no guarantees. And there are moments when I get so overwhelmed and feel like those dreams will never happen. Then I remind myself not to be so pessimistic and to be grateful for what I do have in life. But it’s still really hard.

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  1. I rarely, if ever feel on track. I’m always questioning what I do and how I do it. I’m always doubting everything that goes on around me as well as myself. Pretending to be really confident that I’ll achieve my goals is really quite draining at the best of times. But I will say this (it’s kind of a life motto); you can only appreciate life’s highs if you appreciate the lows too. I think paying attention to feeling crappy is just as important as revelling in the times of happiness. By doing so, you enjoy the good times so much more and the memory lasts. So my advice is to give this low you’re experiencing your undue attention because it’ll help you in the long run 🙂

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  2. I know how you feel. Maybe it’s just the initial new year positivity turning back into everyday life. Starting a new job is always difficult. Have you sent my recent post with the TED Talk. It’s help me reflect on my expectations, how realistic they are etc. I think we all have things we would prefer to be but we find ourselves compromising. I hope you feel a bit better soon. Here’s the TED Talk – https://cultivatingtime.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/why-are-you-unhappy/


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