Weblog Wednesday: Oh Donut Even…

…get me started on how crazy the past week has been!

So, last Wednesday was our last day in Disney World after Sunday’s marathon. Since our flight left Orlando at 3pm, we had a bit of time to kill around the resort that morning. Naturally, though, all our checked bags had to be out that morning, so I couldn’t change into my bikini to take advantage of the amazing weather.

So, I spent our last hour or so there lounging by the pool in my finest winter wear, while Dear Husband used the last our arcade credits playing the Tron pinball machine.



The flight home was blissfully boring, and the most gorgeous sunset greeted us upon our arrival home.


That evening, I didn’t have too much time to indulge in relaxation, as Thursday morning was my first day on the new job. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I mean, I guess that starting a new job is pretty much always going to be nerve-wracking, but since I am moving into an entirely new industry (healthcare), I have been especially on edge.

My first two days on the job went by in a blur. Everyone was SO friendly, and they catered in a delicious lunch for my first day and even went and got cookies and ice cream sandwiches in the afternoon. I really love everyone so far, although I am so bad with faces that it is honestly taking me a while to remember everyone’s name.

On Thursday night, Dear Husband and I attended our usual trivia night at our favorite local Mexican restaurant. Having been in this part of town for about six months now, we are really getting to know more locals, so it is such a great feeling that we have the same server each week, and he knows our orders by heart now. It’s such an awesome feeling to get to know him and the other people who work there and their families. Plus we actually kicked butt in trivia this week and won a gift card!!!

Friday afternoon, one of my friends texted me to invite me and some others out for a last minute girls’ night out for sushi. Since I HATE seafood, I had to check the menu ahead of time to make sure they either had a vegetarian or chicken option, which thankfully they did. I met a couple of new girls, and it was really nice to have an impromptu night out. (I ended up ordering tofu teriyaki, which honestly was kind of underwhelming, but then again I am a tofu snob!).


On Saturday morning, something rare happened: Dear Husband and I were both actually awake and functioning at 7AM! You see, he is quite the night owl (like, SERIOUS night owl), and I am quite the early bird. So, I woke up at 6 on Saturday morning, and he was still awake, and so we decided to go on a random breakfast date to Starbucks.

I must admit, I can be really bad about getting into strict routines, so when he suggested we go out for breakfast, it really took me aback. However, spontaneity in moderation is healthy, and I definitely don’t get enough of it, so I said yes!

Starbucks date.JPG

You should really be envious of the rest of my Saturday: I had to take my car into the dealership for a brake recall, then went and got groceries by myself in the pouring rain. I know, I live a glam life 😉

That night was literally the first Saturday night since early December that we didn’t either have a party, a family gathering, a holiday, or a marathon. So we had a WADS night — we ain’t doing sh*t. Let me tell you, it was much needed!

On Sunday we went out to eat at Opry Mills, which is probably the biggest and most popular mall in Nashville. I normally don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but for some reason all the cupcake and macaron kiosks were really calling my name that day. I somehow managed to resist, however.


What I almost *didn’t* resist was the purchase of this super cute outfit from Francesca’s. I virtually never wear graphic tees, because I honestly think they are generally trashy, but this one had a donut and was adorable!!! And the jeans were cheap and looked good. In the end, though, my frugal mindset won out and I said no to both items. (Now I kind of regret that decision … maybe there should be a term for reverse buyer’s remorse for frugal people like me.)


My workday on Monday was OK, although to be honest (which is the point of this blog), it’s hard on me emotionally to be in the onboarding phase where I know nothing and can’t contribute. It’s like, I feel depressed when I am not productive, and by definition I can’t be productive yet since I am brand new.

Anyway, that night I met up with a friend for dinner at a local hipster taco place. It’s not actually called Hipster Tacos, but it might as well be. The photo I took turned out really blurry though, so you’ll just have to use your mind’s eye to envision my cauliflower and falafel tacos.

Afterwards we strolled over to a local donut shop — also VERY hipster — and got donuts. This was literally the cutest donut shop I have ever been in! I got a paleo gluten-free vegan sugar-free “chocolate chip” donut, and I got a salted caramel cronut for my husband.




Tuesday at work was sliiiiightly better in terms of feeling more acclimated, but I still feel really unproductive and lost.

Tell me, how was your week?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. I’m glad you have started your new job and everyone is supportive. You’ll soon settle in. I love the photo of you on the sunbed in your jeans and boots!

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