Part 4: Live Blogging Disney Marathon Weekend 

Cue the tiny violins – I have to go back home to the real world tomorrow! This has been an exhausting and wonderful runcation though.

After yesterday’s adventures at Animal Kingdom, I woke up bright and early today feeling significantly better in terms of marathon recovery.

We had brunch reservations at Chef Mickey’s for 10 this morning, and buses were running late, so we really had to hustle to get there on time.

At times like this I really remind myself of my favorite Alice in Wonderland character, the White Rabbit. (You know, the panicky one who scurries about clutching a pocket watch yelling “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!!”)

That was so me this morning, panicking as each bus and monorail was progressively late, worrying that we would miss our reservation slot and be turned away and charged the hefty no-show fee.

Graciously, my White-Rabbit-esque fears were unfounded. We were late by a few minutes, sure, but the world didn’t end.

I have really bad anxiety, if you can’t tell!!

Anyway. We made it! 

Like 1900 Park Fare, were we dined yesterday morning, Chef Mickey’s is a character buffet.

When you arrive, a Disney photographer captures your photo by a statue of the culinary mouse himself.

Once we were seated, a server poured us OJ and coffee, and we hit the buffet for brunchy goodness.

I got the tofu scramble, which did not disappoint! And of course I had to get one Mickey waffle, because duh.

We began to eat, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Fab Five.

Finally! They began to make their rotations. In addition to getting their photos, I had Mickey sign my marathon bib, which I plan to frame.

Dining at Chef Mickey’s ain’t cheap, but to me having the Fab Five come to you is soooooo worth it. They even break periodically for a dance party!

After brunch, we caught a bus to Hollywood Studios. To be perfectly honest, Hollywood Studios is my least favorite Disney park, but we hadn’t been in a while, and it has a lot of attractions that appeal to my husband, so we spent the day there. 
Right when we arrived, there was an open air Star Wars show beginning.

After that, we strolled through old world Hollywood and headed towards a theatre to see a live theatrical version of The Little Mermaid (no cameras allowed, bummer).

After that, we hit up a new (to us at least) attraction highlighting the life of Walt Disney. It featured a walk through museum and a short biographical film.

Check out these ancient Disney plushes! I really loved soaking up all the history.

They even had actual artifacts from Walt’s life, such as this suitcase.

Next up was a visit to the Muppet theatre to see the Muppets 3D movie. Anything by Jim Henson holds a special place in my heart, so I loved this show even though I’ve seen it before.

After that, we saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular show, which is a live action entertaining show that goes behind the scenes of dangerous stunts, such as fights, gunshots, and fires.

Finally we were hungry for an early dinner, so we tried out the ABC Commissary. They initially forgot my salad, so the manager came out and offered us a free dessert. I told her it was absolutely no problem and that they didn’t need to do anything, but she insisted, so we got an Olaf cupcake.

This commitment to customer service, this commitment to go above and beyond, is what truly makes the Disney Difference something special. I didn’t care that they initially lost my order today – it was no big deal at all, and we were both very understanding. The fact that the manager went above and beyond on even such a tiny mistake really is a example of this company’s commitment to guest service. 

After eating we headed back to our resort, where I am now catching up on blogging whilst relaxing by the pool, and while Dear Husband takes a nap.

Tomorrow it’s back to Nashville, but not before a few final hours of vacation in the morning.

Magically yours,

Charlotte xoxo

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