Race day is here!!!

Sitting here at the race start, I’m freezing my (mermaid) tail off in this 38 degree weather. My costume is pretty skimpy – definitely not meant for these temps! When we left Nashville on Friday, the forecast said it would be in the 70s in Orlando today. 

Gotta love Florida, huh? 

Yesterday it was pouring rain and getting colder, so we hit up the Expo again and I signed up for the 2018 Dopey Challenge (5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, half marathon on Saturday, and full marathon on Sunday). I convinced Dear Husband to at least do the 5k with me 😜

Afterwards I ate an early dinner of spaghetti to carb load.

Yesterday evening we hung out in the resort arcade and played a few games. 

Before too long it was time for an early bedtime.

In a pleasant surprise, I fell asleep quickly and got a restful six hours, even getting up at 2:15.

I did hair and makeup and put my costume on, then it was time to bid the Mister goodbye and hop on a bus at 3:15.

The bus dropped us off at EPCOT, but there was still a good ten minute walk to get to the race retreat, which is an extra perk you can pay for.

They’ve got a DJ, characters, private bathrooms, and continental breakfast. I grabbed a plate and noshed on a plain bagel for some simple carbs.

I also got to meet Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from Zootopia!

Now I am anxiously awaiting our corral walkout so I can finally start running and actually warm up!

Stay tuned!!

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xoxo Ariel


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