Live Blogging Disney Marathon Weekend 

If you’re a new follower, one thing I like to do is live blog my travels. Today my husband and I flew to Orlando, and boy has this been a long first day of vacation!

The flight was mercifully short and uneventful. It is scary, however, knowing we were in an airport not too terribly far from the Ft Lauderdale mass shooting happening at the same time unbeknownst to us. What’s even scarier is we had toyed with the idea of getting here a few days early to visit one of my husband’s friends in Ft Lauderdale. 

Anyway, I felt kind of shaken up today by the news. But I am focusing on enjoying our time here!

On this trip we are staying at Disney’s All-Star Sports resort.  I was hangry when we arrived, so we went straight to the food court.

After a quick power nap, I hopped on a bus to the race expo.

Y’all, it is sunny and 70 here today!!! I could have just laid out all day.

The expo wasn’t as crowded as I anticipated, so thankfully there were no lines for packet pickup.

I checked out the vendors and bought some nice new running socks and shoes.

They had every souvenir imaginable here!!

I even got to meet Jeff Galloway! (Just ignore my haggard, sleep-deprived, messy hair look lol)

After that, I met up with Dear Husband for lunch at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill.

Now we’re resting up some more before heading to EPCOT tonight for the Illuminations Sparkling Dessert Party.

Stay tuned!

Charlotte xoxo


    • Jeff was such a nice guy. I always enjoy expos because they give me a taste of the butterflies I’ll be getting at the race the next day. On the other hand, I quite enjoy small races like the ones you described, because you get a looooot more time back before the race, which makes timing your fueling (and subsequent bathroom breaks) easier. I guess there are pros and cons to both huge races and smaller affairs. Tomorrow morning I have to get up at 2:30AM at the latest in order to get ready and be at the bus stop at 3. Then corral walkouts will begin at 4:30, with the gun going off at 5:30, and my corral probably starting around 6:30. Timing stinks, but at least Mickey Mouse will be there 😊

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