Weblog Wednesday: Cooking, Crafting, and Clinking Glasses

Happy hump day! I’ve gotten a number of new followers recently, so I thought I’d explain a regular feature I do called Weblog Wednesday.

Shockingly, these posts are published each Wednesday. I use these posts to fill you guys in on the goings-on in my life the previous week.Processed with Rookie Cam

So, without further ado……

If you’re just getting caught up with my life, I am on a short hiatus between jobs.
My new job starts January 12th (eek!), so I’ve still got a good week to go before heading into my new office.

Last week, I enjoyed the coziness of that lull between Christmas and New Year’s. Much of my time has been spent blogging by the fireplace, reading by the fireplace, working on my novel by the fireplace…you get the picture. 😉starbucks-journaling-2

On New Year’s Eve, I spent a good chunk of time goal journalling over coffee. You can read about my blogging goals here.

To be perfectly honest, I am just not a New Year’s person. I’m a super early riser, I have panic attacks in big crowds, and my affinity for alcohol most definitely does NOT include getting trashed and driving drunk.

Not my image: from Pinterest

Plus I mean it’s not even a religious or national holiday! It’s not like we’re celebrating some great national achievement or religious moment.


Anyway, all of that is to say that we kept NYE pretty low key around here. My husband and I went over to my father-in-law’s house for heavy hors d’oeuvres. We spent the evening watching college football and playing Cards Against Humanity. My hand of CAH really sucked, so I came in last place out of eight of us playing! Alas.

I wore a super casual outfit: a new Lilly sweater that Santa brought me, a khaki J.Crew skirt, grey tights with taupe ankle booties, and chunky jewelry. (Did I mention I got a guitar for Christmas?!)

Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer. Skirt: J.Crew. Booties: BP from Nordstrom. Jewelry: Charming Charlies and Kendra Scott.

Once the hour drew closer to midnight, we tuned into the local NYE coverage. Here in Nashville, they do some sort of a ball drop downtown (I think maybe they drop a music note?). I was suuuper FOMOing when I saw that Keith Urban (my second husband who doesn’t know it yet) was performing.


At midnight the whole family toasted to the arrival of 2017! And of course, I can’t keep my eyes open in photographs. Derp.


On the first day of 2017, I allowed myself to sleep in and be a complete couch potato all day. I don’t often allow myself these pleasures, so it was nice.

That evening, I cooked a delicious veggies-and-protein-only meal: Smashed garlic cauliflower topped with blackened chicken, roasted carrots, and rosemary goat cheese.

Have I mentioned how much I love cooking and want to be like the Pioneer Woman one day???



This first week of the new year, I have been focusing on accomplishing goals on my To Do list. These include super exciting things like taking my car into the shop for maintenance and going to the post office. Be jealous.

To be fair, I’ve also gotten to do a lot of fun decorating of my home office. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have the entire second floor of our house to myself. It’s a large “bonus room” (apparently that’s a term?) with an A-frame ceiling. Here is where all the magic happens with ze blog.

I’m bound and determined to turn this space into a veritable feminine oasis. A room straight out of Z Gallerie. It’ll take some time, since I’ve still got boxes to sort through and expensive furniture to procure.

But here are some glimpses of the start:


bonus room.jpg

These photographs were taken on my phone, so they’re pretty crap quality. But you get the picture: clean geometry, pale tones, layered textures (hello faux Mongolian throw!), metallic accents. I’ll keep you all posted as progress continues!

Finally, this week has been utterly consumed with my antsy-pantsy anticipation for this weekend’s trip to Florida for the 2017 WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON!!!!

I’m not excited. Do I seem excited? OK, I’m excited!!!!!

Seeing as I’m a ginger and all, and Little Mermaid has always been one of my faves, I am dressing as Ariel (sans legs).

Even in Florida it can get chilly in early January, especially during the early morning hours (helloooo 4:30 AM corral line up!). But, right now the Google informs me that we shall encounter temps in the 60s F. So I’ve crafted two outfits, one with sleeves and one without.

This will be the first time I am crafting a costume for anything longer than a 5k, so I am thrilled!



I’m also still trying to figure out how I want to wear the dinglehopper and flower in my hair. IE, on a headband versus glued onto a hair tie. Don’t you worry, though, I’ll be flooding your feed with photos! 😉

For now, I need to go cook dinner. Tonight is a recipe from my favorite Disney cookbook (yes, I own more than one Disney cookbook…): basil chicken with goat cheese polenta!


Tell me, what have you been up to this week? How was your New Year’s Eve?

Until next time,

Charlotte xoxo


  1. ERMAGERD! I’m so jealous of your female floor! What the eff!! LOL! I was so excited to have a makeup table that I could girly up! 😝. Your costume for your marathon is freaking adorable! And your cooking! Damn, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow I didn’t realise you were doing a Disney Marathon or there even was such a thing! Love your outfit idea. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Liked by 1 person

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