Upping My Social Media Game

Y’all. I am pretty terrible at staying on top of things when it comes to my social media profiles. As part of my re-branding of the blog, I’ve decided that needs to change.

For one, I finally added a contact form. Many thanks to fattymccupcakes for pointing out that I didn’t have one! 🙂

Also, if you enjoy the content I publish and would like to see Mosaicca on your social media feeds, I would especially be grateful for you guys liking and/or following my Facebook page.


Thank you all so much!

Charlotte xoxo





  1. Just curious, how has the response been to your FB page. Are people nice? I like how you titled your page the same as your blog. Is it still a personal page or a business page? Hope it works well for you.

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  2. Hi Charlotte–are you on Instagram, Twitter or SC? I found that Twitter was the easiest/best social media to first establish for my blog, and then Instagram! I love using both, but have not tried adding a Facebook page! I just use my personal Pinterest and SC (changed the usernames to fit the blog) as more blog social media.

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