5 Pretty Things to Make Today Better

With the passing today of Carrie Fisher, I decided to postpone my review of Star Wars: Rogue One until later in the week. So, instead, here are some photos of pretty things to make your day better.

Disclaimer: This is also a shameless way for me to showcase the nifty new DIY light box I built today to help my photography skills. 😉

1. This homemade apple pie I made for Christmas dinner. (Clearly I am not standing in a light box .. this is the only photo of the bunch that was shot in the normal lighting in my kitchen.)


2. These Kate Spade earrings my mother-in-law gave me.


3. This cute little charm for your diary.

Processed with Rookie Cam

4. This super sparkly glitter on the bottom of a wine glass my sister-in-law made for me. She is super creative, y’all!

Processed with Rookie Cam

5. This adorable little wooden display frame, with a photo taken “in France” at EPCOT.

Processed with Rookie Cam


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