Special Edition Live Blogging Disney

Greetings once again from sunny Florida, dear readers! Apologies for the sporadic posting lately, but I’ve been pretty busy. Yesterday was a crazy day of #airportlife as we embarked on our latest adventure. We came to Disney for my birthday!

The early flight over the thanksgiving holiday meant an even earlier wake up call: 4 AM! (Even for this early bird here, that’s pretty dang early).

Our flight was not just on time, but early! Any extra minute I get to spend in my favorite place on earth is good in my book. 

I had forgotten to book the Disney Magical Express until last week, so we had to lug our luggage with us on the motor coach. But other than that it’s been smooth sailing.

When we came a couple of months ago, we splurged by saying in a concierge level room at the Grand Floridian. Which was FAB, but crazy expensive even after the hefty discount I snagged us.

So this time we stayed at our old standby favorite, Pop Century. We stayed here nearly four years ago when I ran the Princess Half Marathon in 2013. It had been nice staying somewhere where we already know the lay of the land.

Here’s a photo of us fresh off the Magical Express, looking exhausted and kinda grody but excited.

We arrived around 11 in the morning, so I was pleased that our room was already ready for us. If you’ve never stayed at a Disney ‘value’ resort, think Motel 6 with a coat of magical Disney paint on top. 

I’ll post photos of the room eventually. It’s tiny and spartan, but for the price tag and all the other perks you get for staying on property, I’m very happy.

We hadn’t eaten all morning (well, Dear Husband got a sandwich at the airport before we left, but all I had had so far was a latte), so we were fungry. 

We popped down to the Everything Pop Shopping and Dining area for a quick bite to eat.

I was still a tad chilly, so I ordered a delicious tomato basil bisque, and Dear Husband got some standard pizza. Oh, and of course I also got a Rapid Refill mug, because I love getting them as souvenirs for all our Disney trips. That, and I am not about to pay $3 for a lemonade or Coke.

After we put up our luggage, we caught a bus to Disney Springs, which is the new rebranded name for Downtown Disney. 

I picked up some cute little t-shirts for our baby nephews, and a Christmas ornament for us.

I think our little nephews will love their Disney shirts!! 

After souvenir shopping, we caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom for an evening of rides and dining.

As we arrived, the sunlight was at that perfect level of near-dusk for photos. Here’s one of my faves so far!

We then rode one of my all time favorite rides, the Jungle Cruise. All my photos from that ride are still on my DSLR, so I’ll post them later.

We had dinner reservations for the MK’s newest restaurant, Jungle Navigation Company Skipper’s Canteen. However, when we checked in for our reservations, they told us they were running WAY behind, so it would be well over an hour more until we could even be seated.

I was super hangry by this point, so we just gave up our reservations to someone else and headed over to Starlight Ray’s Cosmic Cafe for burgers (well, a veggie burger for me).

We had a couple of Fast Passes scheduled later that night, but after being up so dang early we were just exhausted and headed back to the resort.

Before hitting the hay, I really wanted to try Pop Century’s legendary tie dye cheesecake. 

I’ve gotta say, I was not impressed. Granted, I don’t really care for cheesecake anyway, but this stuff looked like Play-Doh!!

If I hadn’t just dropped $5 on it I wouldn’t have even finished it. Alas, at least I can say I’ve tried it!

Now today it’s Saturday, and I’m wrapping up my morning coffee and granola (that I brought from home because I’m a cheapskate) before heading out on a long run around Hourglass Lake.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte 

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