Live Blogging Las Vegas

Greetings from sunny Las Vegas! Yesterday we arrived here, and boy was it a crazy day. I woke up at 3am Nashville time (1am Vegas time!) and was traveling then networking all day until nearly midnight last night.

The flights were mercifully on time, and the warmth and sunshine of the desert were welcome.

I’m on a short break between meetings at the moment, so I haven’t got much time to write.

But here are some outtakes from our first day here.

We were pretty starving when we arrived, so we had brunch at a cute little French place called Payard’s, here at Caesar’s Palace.

Crepes, quiche, and mimosas later, we both felt much better. Dear Husband went off to do some gambling, and I headed to the Forum Shops.

The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace were beyond my wildest imagination. The sky is a dome which is made to look like a sunset, and the ‘streets’ are gorgeous cobblestones with fountains and statues galore.

I may or may not have made some splurges! 😉

Back to work now though.

xoxo Charlotte 


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