Toast of Tuesday: Good Enough Sugar Cookies

I like to bake from scratch if at all possible. However, there are just some times where it’s simply not feasible.

This past Saturday, we had a party to attend, where I promised to bring cookies. It was literally two hours before the party was set to start, and I hadn’t even BEGUN my sugar cookie dough (which needs to chill for like a bajillion hours).

So, what did I do? Got a little lot of help from my friend Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Hence this post being called “good enough” sugar cookies. I felt super guilty for using store-bought dough, but I was in a real pinch thanks to my fabulous procrastination skills.


I recently bought some adorable new fall themed cookie cutters, which I decided to try out.


Look, I even got a nifty maple leaf cookie cutter!

I decided to go with the pumpkin, the maple leaf, and a couple of acorns for this batch.


Alas, I must have done something wrong (maybe they were too thick to begin with?), but when I pulled them out of the oven, my maple leaves had become deformed fleur-de-lis, my pumpkins had become butt shaped things, and my acorns had just devolved into amorphous blobs.


At least there was the homemade icing, right?


Processed with Rookie Cam

I tried my hand at homemade royal icing for the first time. “It’s so easy!” they said. (They being the icing recipe I was referencing.)

So, what do you think? Did my royal icing work out?

****drum roll****


That would be a big fat nyoooooope. My attempt at royal icing somehow went horribly awry. Thank God I had a canister of Pillsbury frosting sitting around for just such an emergency.

And food coloring. And sprinkles. Thank GOD for sprinkles. They make every baking disaster less ugly.

So, yep, here’s a photo of my deformed maple leaves and butt-pumpkins.


I was half expecting one of the party-goers to see my cookies and be like “Awwww do you have a toddler?! They did such a good job!”

But hey, at least they tasted good! That’s what counts, right? 😉

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte

One comment

  1. “Butt pumpkins” and “Good Enough *insert, literally anything*” shall be regular phrases in my life here on out! I give you mad props for even attempting this! If I have to bring dessert, it’s ALWAYS store bought. I fail at anything in the kitchen. Well, other than eating. I’m a champion eater!👍


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