Misc. Monday: New Half Marathon PR

…sort of! So, at this point in my running career, I’ve competed in eight half marathons and two full marathons. My PR in the half marathon has been 2:08, and my goal has always been to break two hours.

Well finally, this weekend on my long training run, I did it!

Sure, it wasn’t an organized race, but I’m so ding dang proud that I’m going to count this as a new PR! 🙂

It was a gorgeous fall day here in Nashville. Crisp air, crystal clear blue skies, leaves falling, and birds chirping.

I set out on Saturday morning not even going for a PR. My idea starting out was to keep roughly a ten minute pace. However, after the first few miles, I realized how great I was feeling, and I noticed a progressive negative split.

So around mile 7 I decided to have a go at breaking two hours!

I was really pleased with the progressively negative split:

Mile 1: 9:48.18

Mile 2: 9:24.08

Mile 3: 9:30.00

Mile 4: 9:29.64

Mile 5: 9:23.03

Mile 6: 9:11.82

Mile 7: 9:00.32

Mile 8: 8:57.16

Mile 9: 8:46.46

Mile 10: 8:39.41

Mile 11: 8:30.11

Mile 12: 8:23.97

Mile 13: 8:15.90

Last .1: 0:53.90

Processed with Rookie Cam

Honestly it was just such a confidence booster to finally break that two hour wall. Not that a sub-two hour half marathon is that spectacular or anything, but it just reminded me I can do this. And maybe, just maybe, one day I can qualify for Boston.

Realistically, though, my next big running goals are to repeat a sub-two hour half in an official race, and to break a 4:30 marathon. My marathon PR is 4:55, so I’ve got my work cut out for me on that front.

What are your running goals? Whether it’s a PR, a new race distance, a bucket list race, or something else, what do you want to achieve as a runner? Or cyclist/triathlete/etc?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. WOW! Brisk half. With those negative splits, you were pretty much jogging the first 5 miles. Now you have to figure out what you did right. I once had a training run like that and the only thing different I did before heading out was eat a tuna sandwich. Guess what I ate on my way to my next race. Keep it up!


  2. BTW: I’m a believe that non-race achievements count .Maybe more than race achievements because it’s clear you did it for yourself.

    BTW2:I thought I was the only person who said ding dang.


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