Fangirl Friday: Ducktales Remastered Review

As I mentioned in Weblog Wednesday this week, one of the therapeutic activities I’ve been focusing on lately to help with anxiety has been gaming. The other night, when I came home from the office in a bad funk with some wicked anxiety, Dear Husband set up some video games for me in our new theatre.

I was in the mood for a lighthearted platformer, so I went with Ducktales: Remastered.

Although I was a huge fan of Quackshots growing up, I never got a chance to play Ducktales as a kid. So this game was new to me, remastered or not.

Ducktales: Remastered is a 2.5-D action platformer, featuring a pretty basic plot and mechanics. You play Scrooge McDuck, the lovable old pennypincher and great uncle to Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

As far as the plot goes, McDuck is constantly being challenged by the Beagle Boys, who are attempting to raid his fortunes. The plot takes McDuck all over the globe in search of treasures to save both his wealth and his nephews.

one of the Beagle Boys using Dewey as bait/ransom

As for the gameplay, your modus operandi is pretty standard for a 90s platformer: You have a set goal at the end of a linear path, you jump over dangerous things to avoid losing health, and you have one or two tricks up your sleeve to kill baddies.

Here (killing baddies) is where my only real gripe with the game lies. First off, there is no shooting mechanism, not even one you can acquire temporarily (as with Fire Flower Mario). I guess I just assumed that because Quackshots, a sister game to Ducktales, had a shooting mechanism (with plungers!) that this game would too.

Your only real tricks are to bounce on a pogo stick, or kick things from directly beside them. Other than that, to kill a baddie you just have to jump on him just right.

Which brings me to my other minor gameplay grumble: the mechanics for jump-killing baddies just felt cheap. It was like, if I was off by so much as half a pixel, I’d be the one getting damaged, and the baddie would remain unscathed. There were sooooooo many times during one of the boss battles that I would jump confidently on top of the boss, only to find myself cursing because my jump was off by apparently a minuscule amount.

Processed with Rookie Cam
despite gameplay annoyances, playing this lovable curmudgeon is pretty fun =)

However, despite these minor grievances, Ducktales was just what the doctor ordered. Sure, its plot was paper thin, and maybe the gameplay wasn’t super sophisticated. But it was cute, it was fun, and it was DISNEY! So of course I loved it.

Have you played Ducktales: Remastered? What’s your favorite old school platformer?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Oooh, tough one. I loved Quackshot too, replayed it a couple years ago via emulator and was surprised by how well the plunger mechanics hold up in the modern age. And having played the original Ducktales, the remastered edition pretty much ported over all the flaws along with the great stuff – I remember getting incredibly frustrated when the pogo was off by a half pixel and I ate a hit from a python instead of knocking it out.

    For favorite old school platformer… probably a tie between Yoshi’s Island and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, although it kills me to think of something from ’97 as old school. Super Mario Bros. 3 if we’re going back to the 8bit era.

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  2. Mega Man! Oh sorry, I mean hello and thanks for the follow! I returned the favor. I enjoyed your review. I especially loved this game, both the original and the remaster. Have you seen the Disney Afternoon Collection announcement yet?

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    • Hello and thank *you* for the follow as well! I found your blog through Robert Ian Shepard of Adventure Rules.

      I literally just saw the DAC announcement this afternoon, and I am very excited!


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