Sunday Funnies: Or, Fantastic Gag Gifts and Where to Find Them

As anyone who has ventured into a big box store lately will know, it’s apparently already Christmas!! At least, so it would seem based on the merchandise already out in most places.

Today’s post is devoted to some hilarious bits and bobs I’ve come across recently that would make for fantastic gag gifts.

First up, for the aspiring Crazy Cat Lady in your life:


This gem features glamour shots of cats on every page. Literally.

Next up, for the tween in your life who just wants to be cool:


Dear Husband says, “How to juggle. Also, how not to get a girlfriend.”

Next up, for the fecalphile in your life:


Like seriously, HOW IS THIS A THING?! Is Idiocracy becoming real life? Or maybe I should just stop clutching my pearls and get with the times … Perhaps, in the ultimate twist, I am the poopyhead for thinking this game is asinine.

Lastly, for literally anyone with a soul who you want to creep out and/or keep from ever sleeping again:



Those eyes … that face … like just WTF.

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. nice blog very “interesting” items you’ve seen (if that pumpkin is not in ashens Halloween special this year, it would not be a surprise because this is in america?)

    Liked by 1 person

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