Fangirl Friday: Warcraft Review

Recently I finally settled in to a nice viewing of Warcraft, the much anticipated movie created based on the mega-popular World of Warcraft gaming franchise.

Tune in for my review!

As much as I am a fan of all things fantasy, and all things gaming, I’ve never quite gotten into WoW. Not for lack of desire — more for lack of time!

Regardless, I was quite eager to watch Warcraft the film, since I have a penchant for anything involving orcs or mages.

Despite receiving only mediocre box office reviews, I really loved it!


Even as a relative outsider to the WoW universe, I found myself enthralled in the movie’s epic battle scenes and intense score.

Which is not to say that there was nothing lacking in the film. To be sure, the plot had a couple of holes gaping as wide as the portal between Azeroth and the Orc’s world. Such as, what was truly the motivation behind each of the sides’ evil villains? Power, as a motivator, can truly only go so far, I think.

In spite of such plot holes, I really enjoyed the film. Sure, its writing wasn’t worthy of an Oscar for Best Screenplay. But seeing the CGI creations of Orcs and Mages battling it out for control of Azeroth felt so damn indulgent, I just loved it.

Tell me, have you seen Warcraft

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. I still can’t believe David Bowie’s kid directed a Warcraft film that’s been heralded as the next step in evolution for CGI. I think if you went back in a time machine and told 12 year old me that he’d laugh and call you insane and probably get distracted from his Warcraft 2 campaign.

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  2. I just saw this recently too and thought it wasn’t half bad. They had a lot of story to work with and only a limited amount to show. I always loved the Orc storyline the best and found a lot to be happy with, even if they changed the plot out for the movie a bit.

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