Weblog Wednesday: Falling, and Fall

Since last we spoke, the word fall has been big in my vocabulary. Firstly because the first day of fall was last Thursday, and — less happily — I fell epically down the stairs this weekend.

Because I’m just graceful like that.

In our new house, I have the entire second floor to myself as an office and general crafting/sewing/painting/writing/mischief-making space. Well, on Saturday night after dinner, I went up to my She Shed to do some blogging, and on the way back down I managed to tumble head-first down the last few steps, sliding across the hardwood floor and smacking into a guest bathroom door frame.

Don’t worry, I think  my ego was hurt more than anything. Although I am now sporting some ginormous bruises on my foot, ankle, thigh, arm, and ear. (Side note: who knew you could bruise ear cartilage?!?). My head hurt for a while, but I think I’ll survive.

Alas and alack.

Sunday was significantly better, albeit also significantly hotter, with an NFL game watching the Titans lose to the Raiders.


This work week so far has really been flying by, but only because of the insane amount of work I have to do.

Tell me, how is everyone else’s week going so far?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte


  1. Ouch ! Never good when you take a fall in Fall.:( Recently I have been reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and now looking forward to Tim Burton’s movie starring the wonderful Eva Green. Must be fab going to a big game like that.Looks very…….American.;)x

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    • Ouch indeed!! Thankfully my bruises are finally starting to be less sore… Ooh I’ve heard wonderful things about Miss Peregrine’s!! I actually met the author at New York Comic Con a few years ago, before I believe the film had been announced. I recently saw a trailer for it and thought it looked intriguing.

      The game was super fun and very American indeed lol — but also wicked hot!! The temps are finally cooling down this week, but we roasted in that stadium

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      • Oh wow I can’t believe you met Miss Peregrines author.I loved the way he used real old photographs in his book.And I loved all rhe characters. Hope it gets cooler for you.Not nice to roast! X

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