Misc. Monday: Football Season is Back!

This weekend marked my first in person NFL game of the season. My father in law has season tickets for the Titans, and even though I’m a Panthers fan, I couldn’t just pass up perfectly good tickets to see the Tennessee Titans battle it out against the Oakland Raiders!

It was hotter than hell in Nashvegas this weekend, and the fact that it was a noon game didn’t help. At least once a quarter I got up to go stand in the shade near the restrooms and concession stands, which offered a nice view of the city:


We had nice seats, even though they were in the sun. The folks around us were all very friendly though — even the Raiders fans seated in front of us!

The game was off to a slow start for the Titans, with us not even scoring a touchdown in the first half. The Raiders put up a good fight, even though I would argue that the referees made some bad calls in the favor of the Raiders.


The Titans may have lost, and I may have roasted like a lobster in the Nashville sun, but we had a blast!

Tell me, how did everyone else’s teams do this weekend? Are you excited for football seasons?

Until next time,

xoxo Charlotte

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