Toast of Tuesday: Coconut Curry Chicken Stew

Die-hard Disney fans will already know that Walt Disney World is known for its amazing cuisine options — if you know where to dine, that is! Sure, you can get hot dogs and nachos (grody!) if you want, but I prefer finer dining when I’m on a vacay at the House of Mouse.

One restaurant for which I’ve always heard amazing reviews is Boma: Flavors of Africa, which is a buffet style restaurant located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Unlike most of Disney’s buffet style restaurants, Boma is not a character dining destination. Rather, it is apparently intended to be a geographically immersive culinary experience.

I haven’t had a chance to dine there yet (but I have reservations there the day before my birthday for later this year!!), so I decided to pre-game my visit to Boma by cooking up one of their signature dishes at home.

You see, as a gift to myself, I bought a copy of Chef Mickey, a recipe book with verified recipes from Walt Disney World restaurants.

this recipe book was so worth the Disney-fied price tag

Boma is apparently known for its wide selection of soups, and this week I wanted to try one of Boma’s fan favorite soups: coconut curry chicken stew. Only problem is, I didn’t have time to get home from work and start preparing a soup at 6 o’clock PM.

So, naturally, I decided to “crock-pot-ize” it!

mmm, nothing like raw chicken at 6 AM to get you hungry

So, I took the recipe from the book, and simply dumped the ingredients in my ginormous handy dandy amaze-balls slow cooker. I set the timer to 12 hours, and – voila! – it was ready when I got home from a long day at the office!

kind of a blurry pic, but it was delish!

This recipe features a number of nicely contrasting flavors: jalapeno peppers, honey, curry powder, onion, coconut milk, and more.

Let me tell you, it was delicious!

My only minor gripe is that it wasn’t quite spicy enough for my crazy standards. So maybe next time I will add in a pinch of cayenne, or reduce the honey in lieu of some more curry powder.

I cannot attest to the accuracy of this recipe, but here is a fellow Disney blog that gives the recipe for this dish.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve dined at Boma, and what your thoughts were!

xoxo, Charlotte


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