Special Edition 3: Live Disney Blog 

Greetings once again from sunny Florida! Yesterday was a glorious day filled with sunshine, pool time, character meet’n’greets, and fireworks! So pull up a chair for another Disney live blogging recap!

After enjoying breakfast in the lounge at our resort, we took a completely unplugged trip to Typhoon Lagoon, one of Disney’s two water parks.

The water park trip was unplugged since we didn’t feel like renting a locker for our phones, and I suppose it was nice to be forced to be unplugged for a while. Still, it would have been nice to be able to snap some photos.

When we got back to the Grand, we got dressed for the afternoon and headed to Magic Kingdom to meet up with a friend of mine who works there. 

Then we got to meet two of my favorite Disney ladies — Daisy Duck and Minnie Mouse!!

i was so excited to finally meet daisy!
minnie mouse is my spirit animal
minnie and me admiring each other’s dresses

After that it was time for dinner and drinks back at the resort lounge, where I chatted for a while with a fellow Lilly lover who’s also staying here. 

Then we hopped the ferry back over to the Magic Kingdom to watch the Wishes nighttime spectacular fireworks show.

We enjoyed a delicious ice cream sundae, watched the fireworks, then rode the carousel and the teacups!

Now I’m having my morning coffee in the resort lounge, wishing I had a flock of woodland creatures to fix my hair and dress like Snow White and Aurora did. Instead I imagine I look something more like Anna right now…

me in real life. photo copyright disney.

For now though, I’m off for a run and then we’ll be headed to Hollywood Studios!

xoxo, Charlotte

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