Fangirl Friday: Book Review, The Alloy of Law

For those who have read my reviews of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, you’ll already know I am absolutely enamored with his writings. Three centuries after the Mistborn trilogy takes place, a new trilogy picks up in the same universe.

I flicked open the first in this next trilogy, The Alloy of Law, a tad fearful that it could not possibly fill the epic fantasy shoes of the original Mistborn trilogy. And while it is an arguably different style and tone, The Alloy of Law most certainly does not disappoint.

In somewhat stark contrast to the sprawling cultures and places developed in the Mistborn trilogy, The Alloy of Law feels much more centralized, almost elementary, in its setting and story. This is most certainly not a dig, though — on the contrary, there is something incredibly cozy and intimate about The Allow of Law, as if I’m simply sat in an armchair eavesdropping on good friends for the evening.

These good friends, as we may call them, are the ex-cop-turned-socialite Waxillium Ladrian, his shoot-from-the-hip vigilante partner Wayne, and a mercurial young ingenue Marasi. In what has been described by critics as classic Sherlock Holmesian style, the trio investigate a series of mysterious crimes committed by a a group known only as the Vanishers.

The Allow of Law has a much smaller cast of characters than the Mistborn trilogy, and it doesn’t have nearly the philosophical weight of its predecessor. But not being an epic fantasy heavyweight does not a fluff piece make it. In fact, I would argue that The Alloy of Law has just the right balance of fantasy depth and humorous, streamlined plot that makes for a good poolside read (see the photo below ;-)).

Like I said, good poolside reading material.

Definitely don’t go into this sequel trilogy expecting the same gravity and complexity of the original Mistborn trilogy, but by all means pick it up. Savor the colorful cast of characters — albeit a small cast — and relish in a good, old fashioned fantasy mystery.

I know that I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

Until next time,


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