Weblog Wednesday: A Whirlwind Indeed

Welcome to the first installment of Weblog Wednesday in, oh gosh…how long has it been?! Three weeks. Yikes.

Now that Dear Fiancé and I are no longer sleeping on an air mattress in his mom’s study, I actually have access to a computer and can blog.

Of course, life is far from settled yet, not that that’s a bad thing.  I feel like my life lately has been a revolving list of to-do’s: get a new drivers license, get my car registered and titled here in my new state, switch banks, pick out backsplash for the house we’re building, etc etc. Ya know, the fun stuff! 😉

(Actually, I think picking out backsplash is quite fun!!)

But I am so utterly happy to be here finally, and to at least be living under the same roof (heck, the same time zone!) as Dear Fiancé.

Since his mom had her knee replaced two weeks ago, his grandmother was here taking care of my future MIL. Between five humans and two canines, the house was a wee bit cramped, to say the least.

This past weekend, Dear Fiancé drove his grandmother back to her hometown, which was a good five hour drive away. Unfortunately, her other adult child (my future MIL’s brother) is having surgery as well soon, and on top of that her brother passed away in hospice before Dear Fiancé could get her home.

That left me to take care of the future MIL this weekend. Of course, we had a rowdy girls’ weekend, full of booze and strippers and confetti cannons.

Not my photo: Found on Tumblr. Link at bottom of post.

 JK. 🙂

We watched TV, I baked banana bread and blogged, and we relaxed.

Yummy banana bread!

This week I’ve been busy getting our wedding contract and deposit back to The Mouse. (In case you missed this Monday’s post, we’re getting married at Walt Disney World in September!!!).

It’s been really nice having my future MIL’s kitchen to do some cooking in, but I sure can’t wait to have my gorgeous new kitchen once the house is ready.

April 17th was the fifth anniversary of our first date, but since we’re focusing on saving money for both the house and the weddingmoon, we decided to skip going out to a fancy restaurant. Instead, I cooked one of Dear Fiancé’s favorite meals, lemon chicken piccata with linguine. I made roasted veggies and spaghetti squash for myself and poured us some wine.


My veggie plate


For the one who eats meat

It was a relaxing and lovely anniversary dinner!

Also this past week I got to meet Cassie Kelley, founder of Womanista and wife of Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley. She was SO sweet!!

Cassie was the sweetest!

  The event was held at our local Lilly Pulitzer store, and I wound up picking up this super cute crop set for our upcoming weddingmoon. I actually like it so much that I kind of want to wear it during the ceremony as my “something blue.”

Something new and something blue!

  At the meet and greet, they served Champagne, macarons, and lemon squares. They also gave out free gifts! It was really a lot of fun.


For now I need to sign off and pack my gym back for another 3:45 AM wake-up call. (Did I mention I have a heck of a commute now and have my next marathon in less than two weeks?).

Until next time,


Link to party GIF: https://www.tumblr.com/search/hands%20up%20gif


  1. 3.45am! Wow that’s the middle of the night! Really pleased to hear life is getting sorted for you. I missed not seeing your posts.


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