Weblog Wednesday: Hello, Goodbye

Joyful. Exciting. Bittersweet.

These are just a few words that describe the past week. I’ll be moving to my new city in just three days’ time, so there is no shortage of adventure here!

On Wednesday of last week my team took our manager out for lunch for her last day on the job. I collected funds for a gift card, got a greeting card for us all to sign, and bought her these mini Easter cupcakes.

Her goodbye luncheon was bittersweet. I’m really happy for the opportunity that she and her family are taking, but I miss her already.

My boss loved these!

Unfortunately, that afternoon when I got back to my office after the luncheon, I started feeling really sick. I pushed through most of the afternoon but pretty much collapsed in bed sick when I got home.

Sick all day Thursday, I alternated between sleeping and finishing up the X-Files miniseries that came out earlier this year. You can read my review here!

The truth is out there.

On Friday I was feeling much better, thankfully. After work I went to the store and picked up all the supplies and ingredients for my DIY mason jar Easter basket for Dear Betrothed. If you didn’t catch this week’s Toast of Tuesday, I made a gold dipped Easter themed mason jar and filled it with homemade “bunny bait” trail mix.

On Saturday morning I had a 20 mile training run, which felt good but left me very exhausted. I took a long nap that afternoon and lazed around just doing some reading. That evening I went to my usual pizza and trivia MeetUp. There were about 12 of us this week, and thankfully I got to sit next to a friend. We had a really good time, and our team even placed 3rd!

Sunday, of course, was Easter. I got up early, went on a walk, did some cleaning around my apartment, and headed to the airport. Dear Fiancé flew in that day, so I picked him up at the airport with open arms and the homemade Easter present. 🙂

We ran errands that afternoon and had a late Easter lunch. Oh, and a long nap. Between my 20 mile run the previous day and his early morning to catch his flight, we were both exhausted.

The weather on Monday was gorgeous — 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. So, after work, we headed down to a wine studio that is on the bottom floor of my apartment building and checked out their prix fixe menu.

In case you’re wondering, we ordered a “flight” of wine, which is a sample of three different labels. Not three whole glasses haha!

It was so delicious — we each got a salad for our starter, which had goat cheese, beats, and candied walnuts. For our entrees, Dear Other Half got some kind of teriyaki pork tenderloin, and I got mushroom gnocchi tossed with pesto, shaved Brussels sprouts, and topped with fried vermicelli. For dessert we had the best beignets I’ve ever tasted outside of New Orleans. We also tried a wine flight — a series of tastings meant to go with each course.

Between the sunshine, the company, the food, and the wine, it was an utterly perfect evening outside.

On Tuesday, I went into work for my last day in this office before the big move, and my sweet coworkers treated me to some lovely surprises. They gave me a very generous gift card to Z Gallerie, treated me to lunch, and gave me a very thoughtful card.

At lunch, one of my coworkers surprised me by having his wife and daughter — whom I love dearly — show up. The daughter is by far the sweetest child I have ever met. She is ten years old and is smart, creative, and very well mannered.

It was so wonderful getting to hug her goodbye, and she even drew this adorable little picture for me and Dear Betrothed!! I nearly cried when I saw it.

Is this not the sweetest thing ever?!

My work BFF also gave me a sweet note and a bottle of wine. I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude and joy at the kindness of everyone I work with.

Cutest wine bag ever.

After work on Tuesday I got my nails done. I got two coats of Kitty White, topped with one coat of Charmmy & Sugar, both part of the new Hello Kitty collection by OPI.

Summery nails!

Then Dear Fiancé and I went to a free dinner and drinks event put on by my apartment complex management. It was outside on the patio of a local tavern, but it was a tad chilly. Thankfully they had space heaters hanging from the awnings.

The food was delish — quesadillas, hummus, pita bread, spinach dip, pickles. They had a decent selection of free drinks as well. We had each been given one drink ticket to use as we wished, but at one point one of the servers came over to our table and gave us an extra glass of wine that he had accidentally poured for someone who had ordered something different. He didn’t want to just dump it out, and I guess we looked friendly or something, because he came over and gave us the extra drink since he said we looked well behaved enough. 🙂

Free food and drinks always make us happy

It’s been a busy, wonderful, and bittersweet week, for sure. I am so grateful for the opportunity to move to be with Dear Better Half and still keep my same job. Adventures like this are stressful and sometimes even scary, but I am happy and thankful for everything.

Tune in this time next week to read how the move went!

Until next time,



  1. The homemade card is gorgeous. Like you say, a bittersweet week. Good luck with the move. Hope it all goes well.


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