Fangirl Friday: The Truth Is Out There

“Nobody here but the FBI’s most unwanted.” Those were the first words uttered by Fox Mulder in the pilot episode of The X-Files over 20 years ago. And, in one of the final episodes of the recent miniseries revival, Dana Scully finally gets her chance to say them.

Thanks to getting sick this week, I had plenty of free time laying in bed to catch up on the rest of the miniseries. So far I had only watched the first episode, which was sub-par at best. But the rest of the miniseries totally hooked me back into the magic and the drama I remembered watching as a child.

Join me now in a Fangirl Friday post devoted to the FBI’s most desired.

My impression of the first episode in the recent miniseries of revival was less than stellar. Not bad, really, just a bit underwhelming. With my sick day, though, I had no excuse not to watch the rest.

And boy, am I glad I did!

I could probably write a novel about the rest of the miniseries if I wanted to, but I’ll devote today’s post to my favorite episode of the event. Episode three, titled “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster,” is a classic, shining beacon of what a monster-of-the-week episode in any good sci-fi show should be. In this hilarious yet touching episode, we find Mulder questioning his beliefs in the paranormal. Essentially, questioning his life.

So, what does a paranormal investigator do with himself when he starts questioning his belief in otherworldly creatures? Thankfully for Mulder, a mysterious lizard-man starts allegedly attacking people!

Handsome, isn’t he? Copyright Fox.

Our monster is a werewolf of sorts, except that the poor guy afflicted turns into a lizard-like monster rather than a wolf-monster. If you’ve seen the episode you’ll realizing I’m fudging the description a bit to keep from giving away any plot twists, but regardless, everything about this episode is witty and genius.

Mulder and Scully chase down the allegedly murderous monster in a zany sequence of hi-jinks. We are treated to a cast of one-off characters who are colorful, to say the least.

For example, a transgender prostitute who attacks the lizard-man with her purse to ward off an attack, and a simpering animal control agent who’s ironically scared of any animal bigger than a puppy.

Left: A prostitute who attacks the lizard-man. Right: The cowardly animal control agent. Both copyright Fox.

There’s also a psychiatrist of questionable ethics who pops his own pills and advises patients to spend time in graveyards to bask in the futility of life.

Add to that a lecherous motel owner who drinks straight rubbing alcohol and gratifies himself by peeping on his guests as they sleep through holes in the walls’ animal head art. Um, can anyone say creepy?!?

I don’t think I’ll ever trust a room with animal heads on the walls after watching this. Copyright Fox.

From the casting, to the writing, to the sequencing of the scenes, to the humor — brilliant is the best word I have for it.

In the end, this is an episode about hope. About wanting to believe. About fighting against futility.

So, does Mulder regain his belief in the paranormal by the end of the episode?

You’ll just have to tune in yourself to find out! 😉


Links to photos/GIFs:

Lizard monster:

Prostitute and animal control worker:

Voyeur motel owner:


  1. I really enjoyed that episode to. I think it’s been my favourite so far. It was funny. I wouldn’t want to sleep in a room with animal heads on the wall even if there wasn’t a pervert inside the head!

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  2. Its nice to read one of your blogs once in a while (especially when all i have been doing recently is just researching about one of the most pointless games ever, its called idolm@ster,i dont own the game since it is for the ps3 and i dont own one of those sadly. If you can pls review it if possible)


  3. Also congrats on all the followers you have got 😀 i cant remember how many you had before but wow you have got so many followers. Well done and congrats 😀


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