Weblog Wednesday: Hello, Spring

With the official arrival of spring came a wave of joyful moments on the heels of last week’s turmoil.

From a heart to heart with a coworker to night at a science museum, it was a much better week. Still filled with some stress and insomnia, but a zillion times better. 🙂

 As I mentioned in last week’s Weblog Wednesday post, on Tuesday afternoon I had a meeting with a coworker that went less than stellar. It’s not worth it to go into detail here, but basically she (quite uncharacteristically) was being unnecessarily aggressive, which I didn’t appreciate. When I asked her to please be kinder, she ended the call abruptly and ignored my request for a conversation to clear the air.

Then on Wednesday afternoon she came around to speaking, and we actually ended up having a really good, long heart to heart conversation. We are from different countries and different cultures, and we talked about the ways in which each of our backgrounds influences how we communicate and interpret others’ communication in the workplace. I also learned a lot about her personally, which definitely helped me better understand how she can come across as abrasive sometimes. She, in turn, learned a lot more about me personally and why I may come across as overly friendly or excessively cheerful to someone like her.

After work I got a manicure. I decided to go with a nice spring pastel blue.

“Gelato on my mind,” in gel, by OPI

Thursday was, of course, Saint Patrick’s Day. Despite being a ginger, I’m actually English and Welsh, not Irish, so I rarely observe this holiday. In fact I forgot entirely to wear any green! I only got pinched once, though 😉

After work on Thursday I went to a free wine tasting hosted by my apartment complex management. We sampled a variety of European rosés. Normally I can’t stand rosés, as the ones I’ve had are far too sweet for my taste, but these were all quite dry and crisp.

On Friday I attended a MeetUp event at the local science museum, which you can read all about here.

Heat sensor fun 🙂

I don’t normally go out on Friday nights, so I felt a bit lavish going on that evening, but it was truly a blast. We all went out to dinner afterwards and dined alfresco at a restaurant across the street from the museum.

On Saturday morning I ran 15 miles, then took my requisite post-long-run nap and read more of my current book, The Assassin’s Apprentice. That evening I went to my usual trivia MeetUp, which is held at a pizza place in the heart of the city.

I got this delicious Greek pizza, and my trivia team placed about middle of the pack overall. As usual, some of the sports questions in particular were so dang difficult!

This pizza was ahhhh-mazing

After trivia most of the folks from the MeetUp decided to continue the evening by heading over to a nearby pub. Again, I don’t normally go out to museums and pubs at all — Saturday night trivia is pretty much it for my going out to eat/socialize. But I have to remind myself that it’s good to seize the moment and occasionally do things like that science museum night, or going out with new friends to a pub.

Cranberry vodka is my favorite mixed drink!

On Sunday I got a lot of chores done around my studio. Ya know, the fun stuff, like laundry and dishes and spring cleaning and packing for a long distance move. Although I did take a break for a leisurely eight mile walk, some coffee, and reading.

Sometimes you just need extra espresso.

Monday was an especially busy day at work, since this is my manager’s last week on the job, which means I’ve got to squeeze as much knowledge and help out of her as I can before I’m orphaned. That evening I tried my best to reduce my stress: reading, classical music, scented candles, writing, and cooking. However, my insomnia (no doubt stress-induced) is pretty bad at the moment.

On Tuesday I got to see my friend with cancer for the first time since her surgery. It was so, so, so good to hug her and just get to chat like we used to. She’ll be starting a new form of treatment soon and is maintaining a strong attitude.

Before I sign off, I want to thank those of you who left kind words of support last week. Despite the stresses of work and moving, I am ever grateful for everything I have in life, including the creative outlet of this blog. Thank you!



  1. Have you tried cammomile tea? Or 5-htp? I hope you get some good sleep soon! 🙂 ZZZzzz…

    Your pastel blue nails are lovely. How nice it is that spring is finally here. We had a lovely sunny day in Norfolk yesterday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh I have not tried chamomile tea yet! I’ve tried fruity herbal teas like raspberry or passion fruit. I’ve not heard of 5-htp, so I’ll have to look that up. Thank you for the recommendations!

      And thanks! I love the new nail color as well — perfect for Easter. I’m glad you’ve been having some sun in Norfolk as well! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like you were able to have a very productive conversation with your colleague and learn about each other. Fantastic! It sounds like you approached the conflict professionally too. Do you feel your working relationship with her will be stronger in the future? Is she someone you are now more willing to partner with?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for commenting! It was a surprisingly productive conversation. I went into it very nervous based on the previous day’s meeting, but learning more about each other really helped. I definitely feel like our working relationship will be much stronger for it — which is good, since she’s on my team, and our manager just resigned, so we’ve all got to lean on each other more for the time being. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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