We Interrupt This Broadcast…

Dearest blog readers, for the month of March, Milk & Serial Saturday will be on hold. As my regular readers know, I’m doing an insanely tough project at work right now, *and* moving across the country at the end of the month, *and* training for another full marathon in April.

Keeping up with the rest of my blogging (Miscellaneous Monday, Toast of Tuesday, Weblog Wednesday, and Fangirl Friday) is pretty easy — not to mention incredibly enjoyable! — but Milk & Serial Saturday just takes too much time that I can’t afford this month.

Rest assured, those of you who are reading “Code Red” will see it begin again in April once I’m moved. The plot is already sketched out, but putting pen to paper to create the prose takes more time and energy than I can devote at the moment. Work, moving, marathon training, novelling, reading, and blogging are first in line as far as priorities go.

For those who haven’t read “Code Red” so far, click here for Chapter 1. To access the remaining chapters, simply navigate to girlygeekgirl.com and click on the Short Stories tab on the menu bar.

Thank you all for your patience in the rest of “Code Red” being published!



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