Weblog Wednesday: Let’s Be Friends

Oh man, you guys. I am so stressed out. The end of March is barreling towards me like a freight train. Which, on the one hand, is awesome, since it means I’m that much closer to moving to be with Dear Betrothed.

But, I am super stressed because a massive work project is due by the end of the month, and it’s a very difficult and time consuming project. Not to mention packing for a cross country move is *slightly* overwhelming.

Join me now for a frazzled Weblog Wednesday update. Thursday and Friday of last week were a flurry of conference calls that left me perpetually asking, “how is the day already over?!”

On Friday nights I usually relax with some music and candles, sometimes with a trip to the bookstore, to finish up the week’s installment of Milk & Serial Saturday. But this past Friday I felt so mentally fried from work stress and moving stress that all I wanted to do was curl in bed with a book.

Saturday was a welcome breath of fresh air, as I set aside the entire day on fun things. I went on a 15 mile run, then took a long nap. In the afternoon I popped over to the mall and window shopped to my heart’s content. Window shopping can be so much more fun than actual shopping, because I really loathe parting with money, but there’s something exciting about just looking at all the pretty bits and baubles.

After leaving the mall, I went on a solo date to the bookstore and indulged in a latte and a new book.

Can this live up to the Mistborn trilogy?? We shall see…

On Sunday I bought groceries and spent all afternoon and evening sorting through moving boxes to determine what will be donated to a charity shop and what will be loaded onto the moving truck.

So far this work week has been rather hectic, with the stress taking a mental and physical toll on me. I’ve been having dreadful insomnia and a poor appetite, which I am positive is all due to stress. So yesterday after work I went in for a therapeutic massage and manicure, then put on some candles and classical music at home to unwind.

I was quite pleased, though, that my nail salon was finally back in stock with a super popular new color by OPI called Let’s Be Friends, which is part of the brand’s Hello Kitty line of colors.

Let’s Be Friends by OPI, in gel polish

Tuesday was quite stressful, as my Fitbit tracker died (thankfully still under warranty, so they’re sending me a new one), and my apartment leasing office informed me that a glitch in their accounting system apparently caused my rent to be delinquent. I’m the sort of perfectionist who is always on time, if not early, for everything in life, so I started freaking out when they told me. Thankfully they assured me that, since it was a glitch on their part, I will be fine.

In addition to my usual methods for de-stressing — reading, classical music, candles, tea — I am actively reminding myself that I have so much to be thankful for, and that this too shall pass.

At the time of writing this it is now Tuesday evening nearing bedtime. I do hope that you all out there are having a lovely week. Please drop a comment and let me know how your week is going as well.

Until next time,



  1. I could do with a therapeutic massage about now. Nothing big, just a lot of minor stresses piling up. Not a nails type but I do love that shade! Lovely pic too! Good luck with the boxes – trying times but having made a few big moves in my life I can assure it be wonderful to have it done and dusted!

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  2. “actively reminding myself that I have so much to be thankful for, and that this too shall pass”. That’s a tough thing to do, but important to your sanity. I feel ya. I’ve had more fires than normal to put out at work while trying to work on a few projects. Been working well into the night and haven’t done much else. Good for you for getting out for a run, making time to relax, and even writing up a post…most of mine have been stuck in my daft folder for a long time. Hopefully things will calm down for you soon.

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    • Oh my gosh I totally agree that it is such a tough thing to do. What I have personally found helpful is to try to imagine a scenario someone else might have where they would be jealous of my “problems.” For instance, I desperately want to be a mom, so when I see someone complaining on Facebook about morning sickness during pregnancy, it’s difficult to feel sorry for them, since that’s a problem I wish I had. So when I find myself complaining about difficult work projects, or moving stress, I try to think about how those are things others are probably wish they had. If that makes any sense lol 🙂


  3. Well done for just keeping going. Moving is incredibly stressful. I have my Friday de-stress massage this afternoon. They are wonderful. Keep looking after yourself and take care.


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