Weblog Wednesday: On The Road Again

Lots of work, a coffee date, a charity fundraiser, a couple of flights. It’s been a busy week!

After a blissful two weeks in my soon-to-be new home city, I’m now back home in my current city for a month before the big move. Join me now for Weblog Wednesday. Last Wednesday I worked from home since Dear Betrothed needed his car that day to go to the dentist. These past two weeks in my new city have been awesome, but it’s been tough living out of a suitcase, staying in a spare bedroom in his mom’s house, and not having my car here yet. Nevertheless, I love finding adventure and beauty in chaos, so I made a point of relishing in the lack of order that comes with living out of a suitcase and being entirely reliant on others for transportation. 🙂

The end of the work week flew by, but really only because I am so swamped with my current projects that I haven’t taken a true lunch break in days.

On Friday night we went out for a coffee date. Dear Betrothed researched things for the new house, like bar stools and flooring, while I finished up this week’s chapter of “Code Red.”

On Saturday morning I woke up early and went on a glorious 11 mile run. When I got in from my run, I woke Dear Better Half up with some homemade scones, scrambled eggs, and coffee.

We always do a crossword puzzle over breakfast

On Saturday we went to a charity fundraiser wine festival. There were so many vineyards in attendance, we barely sampled half of them! There were also some delicious foods, like yummy cheeses, hot soups, and fresh cookies. There was also a local independent coffee roaster/shop in attendance. I sampled their dark roast, absolutely loved it, and brought a bag of beans home. The company even threw in a sample of some toffee flavored beans for Dear Fiancé to have, since I told them he liked flavored coffee. Very cool 🙂

The funds raised benefited a local community development non-profit organization whose mission is to revitalize our city’s downtown area. The wines we sampled were absolutely delicious, and we danced to a few songs played by the live band. I was actually surprised that the dance floor was virtually empty. Out of at least 500 people in attendance, only one other couple besides us was twirling tipsily on the dance floor.

Eh, who cares? I love making a fool of myself on the dance floor even if no one else is out there. 😉

On Sunday I flew back to my current home city. I spent my long layover consuming over 200 pages in the third book in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

Be on the lookout for my book review soon

On Sunday night I totally skipped the Oscars — not that I really watch movies anyway — but have since tried to catch up on the cultural reactions to them. In lieu of watching golden-gilt, sword-bearing naked men being handed out to millionaires, I took a ridiculously wonderful nap and binge read more of my current book.

Monday was a tad rough at work, re-adjusting to my time zone and still feeling swamped by my current projects. So far, though, the week is flying by. Which isn’t necessarily a good or a bad thing. On the one hand, I want March to fly by, so that I can finally be living in my new city with Dear Other Half for good (I am sooooo tired of flying every month). On the other hand, I try never to wish my days away, because I want to be grateful for every day I wake up to the sun shining. Plus, I mean, I’m kind of dreading packing, so I don’t want March to fly by too fast!

Tell me, how has everyone else’s week been?

Until next time,


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  1. The homemade scones look really nice. I love dancing, although it’s more fun if others get up to dance too. How are you going to move all your belongings to your new home?

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