Weblog Wednesday: Jarvis Is My Co-Pilot

Transition, change, adventure … there are plenty of words to describe this past week, but whatever you want to call it, I’m grateful for it. Before I officially move to Dear Betrothed’s city in early April, I’m spending a couple of weeks here to get used to my new city, new office, and new commute.

I’ll fly back “home” this Sunday, but join me now in a recap of the past week!

On Wednesday I went into my new office for the first time. As I was telling you guys in last week’s Weblog Wednesday post, I was pretty nervous about meeting all my new office-mates, even if my team and my job are staying the same.

As usual, my anxiety was totally unfounded. Everyone here is really cool, and my new office is beautiful. There’s even an independent coffee shop right next door. Dear Fiancé and I checked it out one afternoon.

Coffee date!

My new office is pretty far from his mom’s house, where we’re staying, and it’s even farther from the house we’re building. So, I found a gym right by my office that I can work out at super early and beat the morning rush hour traffic into the city. I don’t have my car here yet, so I’ve been having to use Dear Better Half’s car. I’ve gotta say, navigating my way around a new big city is tough!

On Friday we both worked from home (well, he always works from home), but there was a twist in the plot that afternoon when the internet randomly went out. We waited a while, but alas, no internet.

It was pretty late in the workday for me (I report to a later time zone) but still early in the workday for him (he reports to a much earlier time zone), so I ended my workweek a bit early, but he still needed to work. So, we packed up our laptops and headed out for an impromptu coffee date at Starbucks, where we could use their WiFi. Dear Sweetheart finished up his work, while I wrote the next day’s chapter of “Code Red.”

On Saturday the weather went from cold and rainy to hot and sunny. Well, hot is an overstatement, but it was gorgeous. I went on a lovely 10 mile run in the pastoral hills around my future mother-in-law’s house. Feeling the sun beat down on me, hearing the trees rustle and the birds chirp, it was all truly blissful. Plus I got some awesome hill training in, which should serve me well in April’s full marathon.

When I got in from  my run, Dear Betrothed had just awoken, so I took the chance to make him some homemade French toast and coffee while we did a crossword puzzle together.

I used our Mickey Mouse waffle iron to make the French toast instead of using a regular pan. It turned out way cuter!

After that we had a very fun outing into town where we went to the mall. We mostly just window shopped and people watched, but I did get some much needed new work clothes, and he got a couple of t-shirts.

Saturday night we watched Avengers: The Age of Ultron and also watched some video game speed runs. Yes, we are mega nerds 😉

I ❤ the Avengers

Sunday was blissfully relaxing. I awoke early and went on a serene 2.5 hour walk (Sunday is my off day from running). I also binge read the last 300+ pages in The Well of Ascension, the second book in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy.

Dear Fiancé played an indie game called Undertale (apparently quite trippy) while I devoured the last pages of my book. Spoiler alert for this Friday’s book review: I LOVED IT.

So far this work week has been good but exhausting. Since I’m now in an earlier time zone than the company I serve, I’m having to adjust my work hours earlier. Add to that the long commute I’m getting used to, plus just learning a new city, and I am worn out. I’ve been having to wake up at 3:45 each morning just to make it to the gym in time to have a full workout before getting to the office by 6:45.

In spite of the challenges that life changes bring, I really could not be more grateful for the opportunity to move here to be with Dear Betrothed and the ability to do my same job from a new office here. Besides, changes=adventure, and I love adventures. 😉

Tell me, how has everyone else’s week been?

Until next time,



  1. Any character of French Toast would be a nice thing this week. But I think I’ll just have for the weekend. At least I can make the crossword thing happen now.

    Sounds like you’re running quite the obstacle course as you map out your new digs. Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! It’s definitely a lot to get used to, but I’m enjoying the adventure, and once the house is built things will settle down quite a bit. This weekend I’m making us scones for breakfast — I’ll have to post that too! Not sure how I can do those in the Mickey waffle maker though haha!


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